3 New but Old Classics Are Coming to Xbox Game Pass

3 New but Old Classics Are Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Game Designer Tim Schafer recently made an appearance on the Xbox Podcast, announcing that three of his famous classics from the LucasArts era will be landing on Xbox Game Pass, with a little spit and polish, of course.

For the TL;DR people, here are the games coming to the subscription service, remastered and polished:

  • Grim Fandango
  • Full Throttle
  • Day of the Tentacle
3 New, but Old Classics Are Coming to Xbox Game Pass
Grim Fandango | Source: Steam

Xbox and, in turn, Microsoft continues to build themselves towards being at the forefront of next-gen gaming and giving an extremely tough competition to Sony, and to some extent, Nintendo as well!

After a successful collaboration with EA and merging EA Play with Xbox Game Pass, we knew that Xbox has already developed a substantial library of video games for its upcoming consoles, the Series S/X.

But, then, they didn’t stop there, of course. Microsoft then acquired ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda, for a whopping $7.5 Billion, meaning that it now has complete control over which Bethesda games are to be published on which platforms, turning them into a force to be reckoned with.

Now, it seems that Microsoft also wants to target the older players and shoot them with bullets of strong nostalgia, seeing how three of the famous LucasArts classics are now coming to the Game Pass.

First up on the list is Grim Fandango, an oddly charming game with one of the best gaming stories, set in the land of Death in a place inspired by Casablanca.

3 New, but Old Classics Are Coming to Xbox Game Pass
Full Throttle | Source: Steam

It is charming because of the way the 3D graphics were rendered on a static background. Sure, it hasn’t aged well, but it is still one of the best games to play if you can look past the dust.

Full Throttle, on the other hand, is a biker adventure that is metal through and through! Now imagine this, you’re solving all the problems around you by simpling bashing things down! If THAT doesn’t lure you in, I don’t know what will!

Day of the Tentacle was a game that was, simply put, way ahead of its time. In it, you had to utilize time travel and solve different puzzles in three distinct and separate time periods.

It was the sequel to Maniac Mansion and is better in almost every way possible, making it one of the games to look out for when it finally arrives on the Game Pass.

3 New, but Old Classics Are Coming to Xbox Game Pass
Day of the Tentacle | Source: Steam

All in all, these are some entrancingly beautiful classics that you should undoubtedly check out if you never have, and now that they are finally coming to the Xbox Game Pass by October 29th, what better time to experience them than now?!