Halo Infinite’s Accessibility Options Outlined by 343 Industries

Halo Infinite’s Accessibility Options Outlined by 343 Industries

Accessibility in gaming has come a long way, and every year we see more strides focused on making gaming a more inclusive space. Xbox recently hosted an accessibility showcase to demonstrate their measures for disabled gamers, and some are already in action in Halo Infinite.

343 Industries, the studio developing Halo Infinite, went on to show the different accessibility options that will be available at launch.

Halo Infinite’s Accessibility Options Outlined by 343 Industries
Halo | Source: Microsoft

The game is slated for release on December 8th, with the multiplayer component being entirely free.

[Our goal was to] make the newest journey into the Halo universe more accessible to as many gamers as possible. [This includes those who] struggled to play due to barriers that hadn’t previously been accounted for.

343 Industries

Here is a rundown of all of the features that are going to be available,

  • Adjustable font size
  • “Linear Navigation,” a new setting that lets you operate menus without needing to see controls visually
  • Reticle opacity settings
  • Adjustable background opacity for subtitles
  • Colour coding speakers of the dialogue
  • Subtitles for all or just narrative dialogue
  • Menu narration with adjustable narration speed
  • Text-to-speech and speech-to-text for voice chat
  • Changeable friendly and enemy colors
  • Various volume sliders
  • Movement Assisted Steering
  • Bindable keys

343 adds, “Accessibility is a journey,” and stated that they would be updating Halo Infinite in ways that will allow as many people as possible to fight side by side with Master Chief.

Halo Infinite’s Accessibility Options Outlined by 343 Industries
Halo Infinite | Source: Steam

The studio has taken it a step beyond just gameplay options by adding prosthetic options for gamers to customize their Spartans. This is done as they feel representation of all types of gamers, including those with disabilities, is crucial in making it an inclusive space.

While you were able to change the color, armor, helmet, and more of your player character in multiplayer in previous games, you will now be able to modify your four limbs to utilize prosthetics, allowing players to see themselves in these hardened warriors.

Xbox aims to further refine and improve its accessibility push by way of its insider program. We will see more of that included in Halo Infinite and future Microsoft launches.

About Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is an upcoming first-person shooter game developed by 343 Industries and published by Xbox Game Studios.

It is the sixth entry in the series and serves as a re-imagining of the franchise, with new features, mechanics and gameplay elements. As for the story, it is going to be a direct continuation of Master Chief’s story from Halo 5: Guardians, in his “greatest adventure yet to save humanity!”

The game was originally cited to be released alongside the upcoming Xbox Series consoles but has since been delayed to 2021.