9 Crucial Reasons For Rust’s Sudden Rise In Popularity

9 Crucial Reasons For Rust’s Sudden Rise In Popularity

Seems like Rust has become the new game every streamer is obsessed with and we just can’t enough of their fun streams. With all the building, looting, and shooting every player has got something just up their alley. Also, we can’t forget the proximity voice that makes the gameplay experience even better!

Rust the PVP Multiplayer Game is a survival-based experience when the player has to gather materials, build his house, and try to survive the toxic wastelands while avoiding other players and NPCs.

And now, after 8 years of its initial release, it’s seeing a massive surge of popularity. But, you must be wondering why the sudden surge? Well, to answer your questions here are 9 reasons to Why Is Rust Popular Again?

1. How Rust Became Twitch Famous?

Rust owes most of its newfound popularity to popular Twitch streamers like Shroud and Offline TV members like Disguised Toast, and Scarra.

These famous Twitch streamers with massive following boosted up the game’s ranking by joining the Offline TV server for Rust.

Crucial Reasons For Rust’s Sudden Rise In Popularity
Shroud Playing Rust | Source: Twitch

Initially, Twitch streamer BaboAbe came up with the idea of playing Rust with his friends in the Offline TV streamer house. He quickly made everything possible and invited all his friends to the OTV & Friends server and soon enough, big name streamers like Shroud and xQc joined in as well causing the huge boom in players and watchers.

2. Popular YouTubers Streamed Rust Gameplay

Not only Twitch streamers but a handful of YouTube streamers like Valkyrae and CorpseHusband also streamed their Rust gameplay on YouTube urging fans to try it out themselves.

Crucial Reasons For Rust’s Sudden Rise In Popularity
Valkyrae Rust Gameplay | Source: YouTube

Valkyrae, being friends with the BaboAbe and OTV members, was on the top of the list friends to get the server invite. She followed through with providing countless hours of enjoyable Rust content.

3. Did The Covid-19 Pandemic Make Rust Relevant Again?

The Covid-19 pandemic made all of us sit at home maintaining social distancing. So, the video game streamers found Rust as a way of human interaction by playing with their friends online.

This also urged the fans of these famous streamers to stay at home and play games instead of venturing outside during these times.

4. Rust’s Multiplayer and Proximity Voice Features Attracting Players

The servers holding a lot of capacity to host tons of players and the proximity voice allowing them player to interact amongst themselves surged the popularity even more.

Proximity Voice has been an added feature for quite a few games now. Its mechanism work basically in a way that the closer you get to someone in-game, the louder their voice would go. This little quirk was a fun addition to the game making us players quickly fall in love with the feature.

5. Surviving In Radioactive Wastelands

Players are generally drawn towards survival games where the main objective is to stay alive while dealing with adversities and this stands true for Rust.

Crucial Reasons For Rust’s Sudden Rise In Popularity
Survival in Rust

A lot of movies have influenced our thoughts on the survival genre making it one of the more adventurous ones and video games have quick taken an interest in it. The thrill of foraging, collecting food, water, and trying to build a shelter to survive is a charming feature that makes Rust a definite must play.

6. The Player Vs. Player Aspect That Started The Streamer War

Another attractive highlight in making Rust popular is its Player vs. Player (PVP) style approach. Players can kill each other and steal their loot making Rust highly competitive.

OTV Server Reset and How It Happened?

Everything was fun and games in the OTV server till a famous streamer named xQc joined and stirred things up. He went on killing roleplaying players and started a rampage urging the server hosts to stop the server altogether.

Two new servers were made to stop this cyber war from occurring once again.

7. Rust The New ‘Among Us’ For Streamers

Rust has recently snatched some regular players and streamers from the deception-based Among Us game with its much more diverse gameplay. Among Us lacks the freshness as it has been a while since its previous updates.

Why is Rust Popular Suddenly?
Among Us | Source: Steam

On the other hand, Rust has more player to player interactions, more objectives towards playing the game, and more areas to explore as compared to Among Us’s area concentrated map.

8. Relaxed Playstyle Compared to Other FPS Shooters

While FPS Shooters are fun to play, Rust gives a more relaxed outlook to the competitive world of gaming by letting its survivors’ progress at their own pace without much fast battles.

Crucial Reasons For Rust’s Sudden Rise In Popularity
Rust Gameplay

This gives an opportunity to the people with tactical abilities as Rust does not require that high amount of hand-eye coordination.

With the boost in Rust’s player servers, the game is all set to be released in other consoles to increase the number of players. And the developers are constantly adding new updates to make things more interesting.

9. Is Rust Getting Any New Updates?

Rust’s brand new update includes some streamer specific rewards from big-name twitch streamers like Sykkuno, pokimane, and xQc. You can either get their brand skins by completing 4hrs of gameplay watch time of the featured streamers or by simply adding Rust to your Twitch. There is also a blueprint wipe across the servers to keep the player progression slow.

Tell us what other survival games you like?

About Rust

Rust is a multiplayer survival game developed by Facepunch Studios. The early access came out in 2013 with the finalized game released in 2018.

The game features slow and steady gameplay where the player is thrown at an unknown map and given a chance to survive the radioactive wastelands.

The players can customize their characters, build a base, forage for upgrading their weapons, and even fight with other players for loot boxes in this proximity chat enabled PVP game.