A Sony Voice Controller for PlayStation Could Be in the Works

A Sony Voice Controller for PlayStation Could Be in the Works

Last year, Sony launched the new-gen PlayStation 5 with much fanfare. The console went on to receive favorable reviews from both critics and players (players who could successfully get their hands on them anyway) and went on to become the fastest selling hardware platform in US history.

One of the highlights of this launch was the new DualSense controller which, with its haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, added a lot to gameplay experience.

Now, it seems that Sony may be betting big on the popularity of the DualSense by looking at new ways to innovate the PlayStation gaming experience.

According to Gamerant, and a filing on the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s website, Sony has submitted a patent for a controller with built-in voice functionality. The patent looks very much like the PlayStation Move motion controller; it’s modeled as a ball on the end of a short stick, which works with a camera to track the controller’s movement and rotation.

A Sony Voice Controller For PlayStation Could Be In The Works
United States Patent and Trademark Office’s website | Source: Wikipedia

The most intriguing part of the controller seems to be the potential it holds for voice control.

“the data communicated between the controller and the computer includes control inputs and voice inputs from the voice input device.”

United States Patent

As far as patents go, this seems like a more realistic bet for Sony as compared to some of their previous patents.

In the past, the company has filed a patent that aimed to bring back cartridges as physical games and most recently, one that involved bananas. But with improved accessibility currently being the rage that it is, a controller that operates via gestures and voice commands without requiring fine motor skills would make for a fine option.

So, while this could be more than a gimmick from Sony, don’t let your expectations get ahead of you. Most patents filed by global companies never get to see the light of the day.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is available to buy now.

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