A Full Guide to the Abbot’s Gambit Mission in AC Valhalla

A Full Guide to the Abbot’s Gambit Mission in AC Valhalla

Eivor’s fight against the corrupt King Aelfred and his army of brutal soldiers would be almost impossible to compete if it weren’t for all the allied lands pledged to England along the way. One such important area of interest is Cent, located to the south of Essexe in Randhvi’s alliance map.

Not only does Cent have mysteries and wealth to discover, but the area is also the starting point of The Instruments of the Ancients story arc for AC Valhalla. The first mission, Abbot’s Gambit, marks the start of Eivor’s Cent journey.

In the quest, Cynebert, the Abbot, will ask for Eivor’s help to track down a messenger of King Aelfred. Finding the messenger might be a piece of cake, but the instances leading up to finding him are where most players might get lost. So, here’s a quick rundown on how to do the Abbot’s Gambit quest correctly.

First, make sure you have pledged your alliance to Cent in the Ravensthorpe settlement; otherwise, the quest will not be available.

Abbot’s Gambit Quest Location

A Full Guide to the Abbot’s Gambit Mission in AC Valhalla
Cent Location

The Abbot’s Gambit quest instructs Eivor to speak to Basim, located somewhere near the Saint Hadrian’s Priory in Cent.

After speaking to Basim, Eivor will meet Cynebert and get to know the tasks needed to be finished to find the messenger ultimately.

Abbot’s Gambit Mission in AC Valhalla

I. Speaking to Basim and Cynebert

A Full Guide to the Abbot’s Gambit Mission in AC Valhalla
Eivor Speaks to Basim and Cynerbert

Once Eivor finds Basim in Saint Hadrian’s Priory, he will take Eivor to speak to Abbot Cynebert. Cynebert will then ask for Eivor’s help finding out who King Aelfred has appointed as the next Ealdorman of Cent by ambushing the messenger carrying the name.

Cynebert wants to know the name of the new Ealdorman to prepare to woo the new ruler and be in his favor. With this in mind, Cynebert will instruct Eivor to reach Tonnbridge Inn to find more clues.

II. Tonnbridge Inn

A Full Guide to the Abbot’s Gambit Mission in AC Valhalla
Speaking to the Locals

After reaching Tonnbridge Inn, Eivor will have to find clues regarding the emissary carrying the Ealdorman name by speaking to the locals there. While some locals will give information out for free, some will ask for a price for their words.

After offering 165 silver coins to the soldier, he will hint at a bard that drank with the emissary and give out his location.

Just a tip- If you don’t know which locals to speak to, refer to the ones with a dialogue bubble icon on top of their heads. Also, do use Odin’s Sight to find the drunk Bard if you can’t seem to locate him quickly.

III. Speaking to the Bard

A Full Guide to the Abbot’s Gambit Mission in AC Valhalla
Threatening the Bard

Once you find the Bard and sober him up, he will ask for a price for sharing his information. Do not fall for his threats; instead, threaten him back, and he will sing like a bird.

The Bard will share that the emissary is headed to Dover Fortress on the southeast coast.

IV. Dover Fortress

A Full Guide to the Abbot’s Gambit Mission in AC Valhalla
Dover Fortress

The Dover Fortress is home to dangerous enemies, so be careful when you approach. It is better to sneak your way inside the fortress without alerting the guard and only engaging in battle when necessary.

You can locate the emissary using Raven’s Eye and sneak behind the guards to get to his location. Once you are close to the emissary, eliminate the enemies in the vicinity, take the letter from the emissary and flee the location.

The letter will inform you about the name of the next Ealdorman of Cent, Tedmund, and immediately trigger the next mission, “Puppets and Prisoners,” for the story arc.

Abbot’s Gambit Mission Bug

Players had a bug in Abbot’s Gambit quest in AC Valhalla, where during the Tonbridge Inn part, they were unable to talk to any of the locals there.

The locals had speech bubbles suggesting they could chat with Eivor, but an option to chat was unavailable.

If you’re also having this issue, here are some possible fixes that might help.

I. How to Fix It?

Ubisoft has already addressed this bug and added a quick patch to fix this bug. But, if you’re still having issues, here’s what you can do:

  • Reload the saved game and restart the mission.
  • Restart your console after a quick save.
  • Change the interface language to force a checkpoint to reload.

I’m sure one of these fixes might help with this bug. If not, there’s always the forum! So now, go ahead and make your way to Cent to continue this intense story arc and reveal some more of AC Valhalla’s secrets you have yet to uncover.

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