AC Valhalla All Storyline Choices: Make the Right Decision

AC Valhalla All Storyline Choices: Make the Right Decision

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is, in essence, a story-driven RPG that encompasses choice-based gameplay at its core. As Eivor, we are tasked with many story-altering choices during the gameplay.

Most of these choices are not that important, but some have story-altering effects in AC Valhalla. Some of these decisions will, in fact, lead you to a completely different end in the game!

Sometimes the options may not be clear outright as to what may come after a particular decision; thus, I’ve compiled this comprehensive choices guide to help you make the right decision.  Beware, there may be spoilers; consider yourself warned.

1. Major Storyline Choices in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

These are the choices that will shape your story in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla as you go in to seek the utopian land. They have been divided based on the regions, and one region sometimes has more than one defining choice.

I. Rygjafylke

i. The Seas of Fate Resources Choice

Eivor will be given a choice to take the cargo from Styrbjorn during the mission ‘The Seas of Fate.’ The Raven Clan has decided that it is best to seek a new home in England, but they are conflicted about the cargo they seized in Kjotve.

AC Valhalla All Storyline Choices: Make the Right Decision
The Seas of Fate Choice

The people believe they should take the cargo with them to England, but Sigurd feels it should be given to his father as compensation. The choices in front of you are pretty simple.

  • We take the resources to England: If you choose to keep the cargo, Sigurd will be quite reluctant.
  • We leave the resources for Styrbjorn: Sigurd will feel more loyal towards you.

Both of these choices will ultimately affect your relationship with Sigurd, and it is one of the choices that impact and will determine your final loyalty to him. I decided to go with Sigurd and decided to move on without the cargo as a brother’s support is something Eivor needs on the long expedition.

II. Ledecestrescire

i. Bartering Mission Choice

During the starting of the Bartering mission, Tonna will ask Eivor to pay up for information regarding King Burgred.

AC Valhalla All Storyline Choices: Make the Right Decision
Bartering Mission Choice
  • Pay Full Price (520 Coins): You’ll get relevant information in return about King Burgred, alliance with Tonnastadir, and after you exit into the forest after captioning Burgred, you’ll face Tonna.
  • Pay Half Price (260 Coins): You’ll get everything you would get for full price!
  • Pay Nothing at All: Refusing to pay will get you another chance to reconsider but at full price. If you refuse still, you lose out on all the information, and the Tonnastadir gate will also close. Good luck finding clues about the fortress on your own.

Paying half the price at the first chance is the best bet, but if you are a risk-taker, you can forage for clues on your own too.

ii. Heavy is The Head Choice

During the Kingmaker’s Saga, Eivor will face yet another choice in the mission Heavy is The Head. After crowning the new king, we immediately get to know about the deeds of Leofrith, a man loyal to Burgred. Fighting him to death, you decide on his fate.

AC Valhalla All Storyline Choices: Make the Right Decision
Decide Leofriths Fate
  • (Spare) Burgred Abandoned You: If you spare Leofrith, he will tell you about a kill order in Eivor’s name given to the Zealots (who serve the Order of The Ancients). This will unlock an additional mission called ‘Hunted’ where you destroy the order before the Zealots get it meaning they will not hunt/ kill you.
  • (Kill) Pray to your God Now: Killing Leofrith will mean that the Zealots will actively pursue you.

Sparing him is the better choice as you do not want another frantic group of killers looking to end your life.

III. Grantebridgescire

i. The Stench of Treachery Choice

As part of the Song of Soma story arc, you will at one point come head-on with the decision to choose Soma’s traitor. After claiming Grantebridgescire from the Saxons, Soma confronts you that there might be a traitor in her inner circle and tasks you with finding out whom.

AC Valhalla All Storyline Choices: Make the Right Decision
Choose who betrayed Soma
  • The Traitor is Birna
  • The Traitor is Lif
  • The Traitor is Galinn

The actual traitor is Galinn; once you talk to all of the suspects, it would become reasonably clear. Galinn is the only one with no alibi, and the rest of the suspects were captured by the Saxons. The only reason that Galinn has? That he had some strange hallucinations! Yeah right.

Choosing the wrong traitor will actually affect how Soma feels about you. Galinn will eventually admit and then try to take out Birna or Lif. Whereas picking Galinn will make Birna join your clan.

IV. East of England

i. A Fury from the Sea: Who Killed Rued

You find out during the ‘A Fury From The Sea’ Mission that Oswald and Rued both are alive, and Oswald has been imprisoned by Rued. You fight it out with Rued, and it’s in your hand to decide his fate.

AC Valhalla All Storyline Choices: Make the Right Decision
What to do with Rued?
  • Rued Dies: Eivor kills Rued outright; Oswald will not approve of your decision. Despite this, Oswald will still be Eivor’s ally, and Fenrir will join Eivor’s clan.
  • Rued Lives: Oswald will be pleased with Eivor, but now Rued will appear later at Oswald’s and Valdis’ wedding, where he will attack Oswald. Fenrir will also not join you outright but will decide later.

Letting Rued live even at the cost of him resurfacing is worth it because it is ultimately Oswald’s land to rule.

ii. Wedding Horns: Letting Oswald Fight

Remember you let Rued live because you are so generous? Well, now he is back with a vengeance and wants to kill the king of East Anglia! At Oswald’s wedding, Rued will reappear and demand to fight him. It’s your call to let Oswald fight or face Rued on his behalf.

AC Valhalla All Storyline Choices: Make the Right Decision
Fight or Let Fight?
  • Oswald, You Can Do This: Oswald will win this time, and the crowd will be pleased with their new king. Fenrir is so impressed by Oswald that he decides to stay with him instead of joining Eivor’s clan.
  • Let me Fight on Your Behalf: You take on Rued and kill him for sure this time. Picking this will also make Fenrir join your clan.

This one is going to be personal. If you want Fenrir no matter what then fight Rued head on but I wanted to see how far Oswald had come. When you let him fight for himself, it is quite the storyline arc when Oswald beats Rued.

V. Oxenefordscire

i. Blood from a Stone: Trouble with Sigurd

Sigurd wants to break an agreement with Geadric and get the Saga Stone from Lady Eadwyn instead. Going on the same mission, the trouble between the brothers is brewing, and you will get a couple of dialogue options. Pick wisely if you want to remain on solid grounds with Sigurd.

AC Valhalla All Storyline Choices: Make the Right Decision
Sigurd Choice #1
  • We have a pact with Geadric: You decide not to betray Geadric, but Basim interferes, which gives you the option to take a breath or hit Basim;
  • Sigurd, you are a coward: Call out Sigurd for breaking the agreement, but he will play the Jarl card! Basim interferes yet again.
AC Valhalla All Storyline Choices: Make the Right Decision
Punch Basim or Not
  • Take a deep breath: Eivor explains to Basim that there may be other options. He asks Basim if he knows where the stone is, then why doesn’t he get it. This will give you the option to punch Sigurd;
  • Punch Basim: Basim will accuse Eivor of being too emotional. Sigurd will also get upset with this, leading to the ‘Punching Sigurd’ choice.
AC Valhalla All Storyline Choices: Make the Right Decision
Punch Sigurd Too
  • Enough of this: Eivor tells Sigurd that you have a promise to keep and that they will split up after a while
  • Punch Sigurd: Sigurd will call you out for behaving like Odin, but he does not have Odin’s wisdom. The duo will split up after a while.

Punching either or both Basim and Sigurd will lower your loyalty rating with Sigurd. So, if you care about Sigurd in the end, I would advise against these two choices but for what it’s worth, I totally punched Basim because he was the one manipulating Sigurd.

VI. Sciropescire

i. King Killer Choice

During the end of the King Killer arc, Ivarr will reveal that he was the one behind Ceolbert’s death. After defeating Ivarr, you will have to decide Ivarr’s fate.

AC Valhalla All Storyline Choices: Make the Right Decision
Ivarr and Valhalla

Send Ivarr to Valhalla: If you give Ivarr his axe even though he doesn’t deserve it, he will be on his way to Viking Heaven.

Deny Ivarr Valhalla: You let Ivarr know that he is fit for Helheim, and he dies after a while.

Even though this choice won’t have any effect, I think it’s only fitting to deny Ivarr his axe because treachery is not something very warrior-like. Do keep in mind that the choice that follows this will be quintessential.

When you return to Quatford, Ubba will enquire about his brother, and it is upto you to tell him the truth or not.

AC Valhalla All Storyline Choices: Make the Right Decision
What to tell Ubba?
  • Ivarr died well: telling Ubba that his brother died like a warrior will make Ubba realize that without Ivarr, there will finally be peace.
  • Ivarr died badly: Telling Ubba the truth will not be hard for him to swallow, but Ubba will say that he knew his brother well. He will accept it and say that he will meet his brother in Valhalla;
  • He wanted death: Ubba will thank you for giving his brother what he wanted.

If Ubba finds out that you lied about Ivarr’s death, he will face you again in Ravensthorpe later in the game. Telling him the truth is going to be beneficial for you as you do not want another foe to fight later on.

VII. Essexe

i. Old Wounds Choice

In the Old Wounds storyline, someone betrayed Rollo, and you are tasked to find out who.

AC Valhalla All Storyline Choices: Make the Right Decision
Who Betrayed Rollo?
  • The Traitor is Gerhild
  • The Traitor is Lork

The traitor of Rollo is Gerhild. Lork’s alibi is confirmed through your investigation. Compound this with the fact that Gerhild is jealous of Rollo. More importantly, if you choose the wrong option, there are grave consequences. If Gerhild survives, It will get tough for Estrid to escape to France and get shot with an arrow in the process.

VIII. Ravensthorpe

i. A Brewing Storm

After Dag challenges you to a duel for leadership and is defeated, it is up to him to let him die with dignity or not.

AC Valhalla All Storyline Choices: Make the Right Decision
Give Dag his Axe or Not
  • Give Dag his axe: You allow Dag to die with his Axe as he goes to Odin’s Palace.
  • Deny Dag his axe: You don’t allow Dag to go to Valhalla.

Denying Dag his axe will make Sigurd quite angry. This will have significant repercussions later on and lower his overall score as the clan’s leader. Most of my decisions have been keeping Sigurd’s loyalty in mind but if you could not care about him less then deny away!

ii. Blame and Sail: Support Sigurd?

Sigurd will rule that unless Holger pays Gudrun the equivalent of 30 silver sails, he will be exiled. Gudrun attempts to appease the situation by suggesting that Holger pays for a single destroyed sail; however, Sigurd refuses this idea.

AC Valhalla All Storyline Choices: Make the Right Decision
Is the Judgment Fair?
  • This judgment is unfair: Tell Sigurd that the punishment does not fit the crime. This will obviously annoy Sigurd, who insists he’s the one making decisions;
  • I support Sigurd’s judgment: Say that Sigurd is the jarl, and you support him. Holger will eventually apologize and leave. Sigurd will be proud of how the evening turned out to be!

This decision will also be a deciding factor in your stance with Sigurd. If you do not back him, your rating with him will fall down. I picked Sigurd’s side once again as he is the jarl after all and how can you go wrong with family?

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2. About Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Developed and Published by Ubisoft, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the latest instalment in the Assasin’s Creed series launched in November 2020. The action-adventure, role-playing video game is available to play on Playstation 5/4, Xbox One/ Series X/S and PC.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla takes players back to the Vikings’ glory days around the 9th century through the eyes of a Viking invader from Norway named Eivor. By playing as Eivor, gamers must represent the clan and help fellow warriors in the battle against Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms. The game brims with phenomenal main quests along with noteworthy side quests. AC Valhalla will also embrace many new features like dual-wielding of various weapons and armours.