Get Your Hands on All the Capes in Valheim! Crafting Guide & Stats

Get Your Hands on All the Capes in Valheim! Crafting Guide & Stats
Feel like a superhero, play like a superhero.

The Capes in Valheim is an armor piece that besides making you feel like a superhero, can help you survive in this demanding Norse realm. Each cape in the game has its advantages that will enable you to overcome different challenges.

There are five capes in Valheim, and they are:

 ItemWeightDurabilityCrafting LevelRepair Level
Deer Hide Cape4.040022
Troll Hide Cape4.050033
Lox Cape4.0120022
Wolf Fur Cape4.0100022
Linen Cape4.0150022

1. How to Obtain Deer Hide Cape in Valheim?

Crafting Material required:

Deer Hide – 4

Bone Fragments – 5

Deer Hide Cape belongs to the Leather set. It is made by collecting and crafting Deer Hide and Bone Fragments. Deer Hide is obtained by killing a deer. Use your bow and arrows to hunt a deer.

All Valheim Capes & How to Craft Them?
Deer Hide Cape

Bone Fragment is dropped from Skeletons, and Rancid Remains so you can head to the Black Forest biome and Burial Chambers.

After acquiring the required materials, go to your workbench and craft the Deer cape.

The weight of Deer cape is 4.0, and it has a durability of 400. The cape can be upgraded three times that will increase its durability by 50 every time.

2. How to Obtain Troll Hide Cape in Valheim?

Crafting Material required:

Troll Hide – 10

Bone Fragments – 10

Troll Hide Cape is a part of the Troll set of Valheim. This aesthetically pleasing cape is made from the skin of tough trolls. Kill Trolls to obtain their Hide or go to the Black Forest and look for chests that contain Troll Hide. 

All Valheim Capes & How to Craft Them?
Troll Hide Cape

After acquiring the required materials, you can craft the Troll Hide cape using your workbench.

Talking about its properties, the cape has 500 durability and 4.0 weight. As you upgrade the cape, its properties will improve too. You can upgrade the armour three times and gain 50 durability and 1 armour each time. 

Wearing all four pieces of the Troll set will add the Sneaky Effect to your game, increasing Sneak by 25%.

3. How to Obtain Lox Cape in Valheim?

Crafting Material required:

Lox Pelt – 6

Silver – 6

Like Wolf Cape, Lox Cape is an armor piece that will protect you from freezing in the mountain region. It must be noted that the cape is useless when you’re under Wet Effect.

A heavy fur called Lox pelt is needed to craft the Lox cape that can be acquired from plains biome.

All Valheim Capes & How to Craft Them?
Lox Cape

Lox Cape belongs to the Lox set and offers a cape with 4.0w weight and 1200 durability. The armour can be upgraded two times where its durability will increase by 50.

4. How to Obtain Wolf Fur Cape in Valheim?

Crafting Material required:

Wolf Pelt – 6

Silver – 4

Wolf Trophy – 1

Wolf Fur cape is a part of the Wolf Armor. It is an armour that is needed to help your Viking remain warm in Valheim. The armour will protect you from the biting cold of ‘The Mountain’ biome and boost your fighting caliber. It is crafted using the workbench.

To craft Wolf Armor, players will first have to collect Silver. It is concealed underground. Therefore, players will need a utility item called wishbone to help reveal Silver’s actual location. 

All Valheim Capes & How to Craft Them?
Wolf Fur Cape | Source: Steam

You can obtain Wolf Pelt and Wolf Fang by domesticating wolves. Here is our guide to tame wolves in Valheim.

The Wolf Armor will bring forth +40 maximum damage and 75% block. These stats will give you a considerable edge when fighting mystic creatures. 

Moreover, when fighting the brutal boss, Moder, the natural frost resistance that the Wolf Armor offers will turn out to be very useful.

5. How to Obtain Linen Cape in Valheim?

Crafting Material required:

Linen Thread – 20

Silver – 1

Linen Cape is an armor piece that will require Linen thread to be crafted.

Acquiring Linen thread is another story of its own. You will first have to defeat the dragon monster boss, Moder. Beating it will help you collect an item called Dragon Tear that helps create the Artisan Table.

The Spinning Wheel is to be placed on the Artisan Table. 

Players can convert the Flax from the plain biome to linen thread using the Spinning Wheel.

Its weight is 4.0 with a durability of 1500. Using your Linen Thread and Silvers, players can craft the Linen Cape using your workbench.

What’s Stalking Players in Valheim?

6. About Valheim

Developed by Iron Gate AB, Valheim is an online open-world Survival craft co-op game. Here, players will control dead Vikings and fight Odin’s ancient enemies and monsters.

In order to enter paradise, players will have to please Odin and prove their worth to the allfather.

The journey will not be easy as at every step, the danger of supernatural entities will loom. Players will have to venture out, explore various landforms, craft, and get stronger.