All You Need to Know About Skills in Valheim

All You Need to Know About Skills in Valheim

You’ve just gotten on the Valheim hype train, and things are going great. Once you get the basics right, you should know what skills to go for in Valheim. Some skills are more critical than others and should be prioritized.

Valheim is a survival RPG game, and you need to survive in an unknown environment that can be very punishing. I’ve compiled the list of skills in the game and what you need to get started with skills.

1. Skills in Valheim

Skills in Valheim spam across different categories, and there are a total of thirteen skills. The skills in Valheim are:

Axes +1.5% damage/level +150% damage at Level 100
Blocking+.5% block power/level
+50% block power at Level 100
Bows+1% damage/level
+100% damage at level 100
Clubs+1% damage/level
+100% damage at level 100
Jump+1% jump height/level
100% increased jump height at level 100
Knives+1% damage/level
+100% damage at level 100
Run  +.2% run speed/Level
+20% run speed at Level 10
-.5% stamina drain/Level
-50% stamina drain at Level 100 (max Level)
Unarmed+1% damage/Level
+100% damage at Level 100
Sneak-.33% stamina cost while sneaking/Level
-33% stamina drain at Level 100 (max Level)Noise reduction with each Level
Spears+1% damage/level
+100% damage at level 100 (max level)
Swim0.4% stamina drain
-40% stamina drain at level 100
Wood Cutting 
All You Need to Know About Skills in Valheim
Skills in Valheim

Like other popular RPGs, Valheim also uses the skill upgrade method. You upgrade skills as you engage in those specific skills. Block more attacks, and voila, your blocking skill upgrades.

2. Skill Levels in Valheim

Skills in Valheim have numbered levels. You gain levels when you collect enough XP, and it is earned by doing activities associated with that skill. Each skill goes to level 100 in Valheim.

Skills may sound easy enough to grind but do not think you can go being the toughest guy out there and just relying on respawning. It’s gonna cost you in terms of skills.

i. Does Skill Level Decrease in Valheim?

Skill levels decrease by 10% when you die in Valheim. That’s a steep decline, so you might want to avoid being too daring.

In a game built to be a survival RPG, it only makes sense if dying costs you. Don’t worry though, there is a skill drain buff right after you die. Meaning your skill won’t drop to zero if you die multiple times in quick succession. Even though there’s no shorter way to get your skills to upgrade faster, there are still some ways to get a boost.

ii. How to Upgrade Combat Skills Faster in Valheim?

To quickly level up combat skills in Valheim, join the co-op mode and turn off PvP damage on the weapon you wish to upgrade. Join up with your mates and have a field day with the weapon.

All You Need to Know About Skills in Valheim
Combat Skills

This method is the easiest way to max up your weapons and still works as of now. Similarly, to level up defensive skills, turn off PvP damage while your buddies take you and your shield on. Running and jumping skills likewise have a faster method to skill up in Valheim.

iii. How to Quickly Upgrade Run & Jump Skills in Valheim?

To quickly upgrade running and jumping skills, defeat the Eikthyr boss and equip the boost ‘Either.’ This skill boost will decrease the stamina used by running and jumping by 60%, allowing you to level up faster.

All You Need to Know About Skills in Valheim
Equip the Eikthyr Ability to gain Stamina Reduction while Running and Jumping

For the rest of the skills, you need just to do the old fashion grind. The skills in Valheim level up faster; thus, you don’t need to focus too much on them.

3. About Valheim

Developed by Iron Gate AB, Valheim is an online open-world Survival craft co-op game. Here, players will control dead Vikings and fight Odin’s ancient enemies and monsters.

In order to enter paradise, players will have to please Odin and prove their worth to the allfather.

The journey will not be easy as at every step, the danger of supernatural entities will loom. Players will have to venture out, explore various landforms, craft, and get stronger.