Amazon Issues Statement on New World Queue Times and Character Transfers

Amazon Issues Statement on New World Queue Times and Character Transfers

New World, Amazon’s new MMO, has been available for players for a while now and has been consistent in its popularity.

Not always a good thing, considering players have to deal with frustrating queue times as the servers are overloaded with players eager to get into Aeturnum.

Amazon has plans to open new servers to handle the influx of players, but that isn’t the best solution to this problem. Now, the company has released a statement addressing the various frustrations players have been experiencing.

The statement starts by thanking all the players for choosing to play the game. Amazon has confirmed that over a million people played New World at launch, and the number has been steadily growing the past few days.

The dev team has also stated that they were surprised by the number of players New World brought in, both in a humbling and overwhelming way.

Amazon Issues Statement on New World Queue Times And Character Transfers
New World | Source: Official Website

Amazon has acknowledged that many players are struggling with queue times while waiting to play on servers with their friends.

The company has made quick efforts to open new servers day to day as necessary to guarantee that players have access to the game without waiting, even if it isn’t the server of their choice. 40% of New World servers are described as having low to no wait times.

Amazon also wanted to inform everyone that server availability has remained reliable.

While Amazon has taken these steps to ensure a smooth experience, they have stated that they want to do even more to make the state of New World even better for players. They have addressed two specific topics in their statement.

First, the company is working to increase the player capacity on New World’s servers to go beyond the current 2000-player limit. It should be noted that no schedule for this change has been released.

Secondly, Amazon had promised free server transfers so that players could play on lower-population servers and join their friends. This will most likely happen after New World queue times have settled down. This feature is also currently in the works.

Amazon Issues Statement on New World Queue Times & Character Transfers
New World | Source: Steam

No date has been given for increasing the server capacity, but Amazon has said that New World server transfers are planned for next week.

They have said they are taking the time between now and the release to thoroughly test the feature as they know thousands of players will use it.

We can expect details on how this feature works closer to the release. Amazon has said that server transfers are “at the top of our priority list.”

About New World

New World is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) by Amazon Games set to be released on August 31, 2021. The game was previously scheduled to release in May 2020 but was delayed to its current date.

Set in the mid-1600s, players colonize a fictional land known as Aeternum Island, modeled after North and South Americas in the Atlantic Ocean. The game will be using a buy-to-play business model, meaning there will be no monthly subscription fee.