AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Can Now Be Implemented in GTA 5

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Can Now Be Implemented in GTA 5

AMD recently released their own spatial upscaling technology, dubbed FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), to give NVIDIA’s DLSS competition. Unfortunately, while the technology had been released with a list of games it would support on launch, and others that would soon receive support, GTA 5 was not one.

Well, the modding community took that personally, and now, thanks to a clever mod, you can access AMD’s newest upscaling tech on Grand Theft Auto 5

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Can Now Be Implemented in GTA 5
GTA V | Source: Youtube

Developers have previously pointed out how easy it is to integrate FSR into games, saying it takes just a day or two. But those were games that had chosen to partner with AMD on FidelityFX Super Resolution rather than with NVIDIA and their DLSS.

At launch, AMD’s FSR tech was supported by just seven games, but no one – not even AMD – was prepared for the speed at which modders started adding games to that list.

NarutoUA, our first example, managed to replace Grand Theft Auto 5’s internal upscaler with FidelityFX Super Resolution. They did it without even accessing the open-source code, something AMD is yet to release publicly.

The mod can be downloaded from this page; just make sure you follow the installation steps correctly.

The user also provided some gameplay video, and already we can see how much FSR is improving the visuals. The best part is that this is done through software, so even people with mid-tier hardware can take advantage of FSR.

I added FidelityFx Super Resolution to Grand Theft Auto 5
FidelityFx Super Resolution on Grand Theft Auto 5

This mod is just the beginning of fan-made implementations of AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution. Most games come with a built-in resolution scaling feature, but replacing those with FSR should provide even better results.

While a native implementation of the technology would be better and more stable, we’ll have to wait a while before the tech becomes supported more widely. At the same time, NVIDIA is constantly improving and expanding its Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) image reconstruction technology, so AMD will have to ramp up its processes to keep up with the competition.

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