16-Core, 170W TDP Confirmed for Ryzen 7000 GPUs– Interviews Reveal

16-Core, 170W TDP Confirmed for Ryzen 7000 GPUs– Interviews Reveal

AMD’s Director of Technical Marketing, Robert Hallock, did a series of interviews recently. These talks help clarify many looming doubts about the Ryzen 7000 series, not disclosed at the Computex keynote 

The key takeaway is that the AMD Ryzen 7000 will feature 16 cores and 170W TDP. 

In a TechPowerUP interview, Hallock explained the slide mentioning ‘Expanded Instructions – AI Acceleration. ‘ Those specialized features will rely on AVX 512 VNNI and BLOAT16 instructions (probably BFLOAT16/BF16).  

Specifically, AVX 512 VNNI for neural networking and AVX 512 BLOAT16 for inferencing. Both are pretty nice speedups, we’re not using a fixed-function acceleration, this could be something we could do with our Xilinx acquisition. We are starting to see more consumer applicability of AI workloads, like video upscaling, which has grown a lot in the last two years. I think there is a general trend for the average enthusiast to take on more AI-type workloads.

Robert Hallock
16-Core, 170W TDP Confirmed For Ryzen 7000 GPUs– Interviews Reveal
AMD Ryzen 7000 Series

There probably won’t be any Ryzen 7000F series without GPUs. The RDNA2 graphics in the I/O die will be a default on all SKUs. Those will provide essential display output capability and AV coding.  

Hallock explained that the specs of RDNA2 iGPUs should remain consistent among all CPUs as the IGP is a given standard.  

In another interview with CrazyTechLab, Hallock did not clarify whether the AM5 platform, featured in the Ryzen 7000 GPUs, aims at a long lifespan similar to AM4. The new series is being kept under wraps as it undergoes development. 

I don’t know yet – that’s the honest answer. We’re still early in the build up of AM5. It releases in the fall but it’s a long way away. One of the things we want to clear up is what this looks like. Our users expect transparency on this topic. But we just don’t have an answer yet.

Robert Hallock
16-Core, 170W TDP Confirmed For Ryzen 7000 GPUs– Interviews Reveal
Robert Hallock

The Threadripper series will be launched shortly. The Ryzen Threadripper CPUs will be based on the SP6 socket interface.  

However, the last two generations have shown that AMD is now focusing on meeting the workstation market demands rather than on enthusiasts. 

The specs hint at the Ryzen 8000 series; we can expect a similar TDP range, probably 170W. 

As Computex 2022 ends, companies will be completing their marketing events. Further leaks might disclose more info, but that’s just hope for now. The AMD Ryzen 7000 series is set for launch by autumn of 2022. 

Take a Peek Into the AMD Ryzen 7000 CPU Featuring the AM5 Socket!

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