Apparently AMD Is Working on A Navi3X GPU Which Will Feature 16384 SPs

Apparently AMD Is Working on A Navi3X GPU Which Will Feature 16384 SPs

Amidst all the talk regarding the Ryzen 7000 and Radeon RX 6000 series, there seems to be something interesting in the works for AMD.  

According to Twitter user @greymon55, AMD is developing a new GPU variant based on Navi3X architecture. 

The Navi 3X GPU reportedly consists of 16384 stream processors and eight shader engines. This GPU would feature more cores than Navi 31, which has 12288 cores. Hence, it is expected to be more powerful as well.  

Here’s what we know so far about the rumored Navi3X GPU: 

Architecture RDNA 3 
GPU Package MCM 
Stream Processors 16384 
Compute Units 128 
Shader Engines 
Shader Arrays 16 
SKU Radeon PRO 
Launch Date 2023 

AMD is also developing a Radeon PRO graphics card featuring a dual GCD configuration for the new Navi3X GPU. But the double GCD design is expected to launch alongside the Navi4X GPU, so until more information surfaces, nothing can be confirmed.  

Apparently AMD Is Working On A Navi3X GPU Which Will Feature 16384 SPs
AMD Radeon | Source: AMD

The GPU is said to be different from the existing range of RDNA 3 models. It is rumored to feature a doubled configuration of the Navi 32 GPU. The Navi 32 apparently has 8192 Stream Processors and will also be launching next year.   

The Navi3X GPU is expected to launch in 2023. AMD’s upcoming release is the Ryzen 7000 ‘Raphael’ series based on Zen 4 architecture and featuring the all-new AM5 socket interface. 

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