Microsoft Reveals New Aqua Shift Controller for Xbox Series Consoles

Microsoft Reveals New Aqua Shift Controller for Xbox Series Consoles

Microsoft has unveiled a new special edition controller for the Xbox Series X|S. Titled ‘Aqua Shift, the controller will hit shelves with its shimmery blue hues on August 31.

However, what’s most interesting about Aqua Shift is not its pleasant, oceanic color scheme: the controller comes equipped with a new rubberized panel to help you maintain your grip even when your hands start to sweat through lengthy gaming sessions.

Aqua shift is the first Special Edition Xbox Series X|S controller to feature rubberized side grips with a unique dual-color swirl on every unit.

Textured grip on the triggers, bumpers and back case makes sure you stay connected to the game no matter how intense things get.


Aqua Shift is the third controller to arrive for Xbox’s new-gen console duo. Before Aqua Shift, we saw Electric Volt, Daystrike Camo, Night Ops Camo, and Sport Blue.

Even Sony joined the new controller bandwagon in May this year by launching the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red DualSense controllers for the PS5.

Hopefully, the Aqua Shift controller won’t come with any bugs. Back in January, many Xbox Series X controllers fell victim to a bug that disconnected controllers from their consoles.

While Microsoft successfully fixed the issue by March 2021, it would be quite a bummer to get your hands on a beautiful new controller next month, only for it to start glitching out.

Aqua Shift Special Edition is available for pre-order  in “select Xbox markets worldwide” for $69.99. You can also pre-order it through Amazon.

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