Battlefield 2021 Could Arrive on Xbox Game Pass on Launch Day

Battlefield 2021 Could Arrive on Xbox Game Pass on Launch Day

The grapevines that deliver all the rumors and leaks regarding Battlefield 2021 seem to be working overtime. A couple of weeks ago, Battlefield trolled a rumor-filled tweet but even that failed to deter any more rumours from flying about. In fact, the trolling was followed by another unconfirmed update stating that the game’s environments would include a range of natural disasters.

Now, some more “information” has surfaced about the game. According to Shpeshal Ed of the XboxEra podcast, there’s a third-party AAA first-person shooter that is highly likely to be launching on Xbox Game Pass this fall. A couple of other leakers then proceeded to back this update.

The XboxEra Podcast - Episode 51 - "The Modern Vintage Gamer"
XboxEra Podcast

Okami, a well-known leaker of all things Call of Duty, tweeted a clip from an episode of XboxEra podcast with the caption, “Could Battlefield 2021 be a Game Pass Day 1 title?”. This went on to receive an affirmative but cryptic response from Tom Henderson the leaker of the previously mentioned natural disasters update.

Tom Henderson

As you can see in the thread above, or from any Battlefield social media handle for that matter, none of this information is confirmed. Even Henderson’s tweet could just be an expression of their approval and not an outright confirmation. So, take it all with a big pinch of salt.

However, in the recent past, this is not the only update to have come from Henderson. In one of their recent newsletters, Henderson stated that Battlefield 2021 will be called just “Battlefield” with no following number. They also added that the game will be very similar to Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 and will take place 10 to 15 years into the future.

Battlefield 2021 Could Arrive On Xbox Game Pass on Launch Day
Battlefield | Source: Twitter

Once again, none of this is confirmed news. Like you, we are waiting to hear from official Battlefield sources on what the game’s 2021 iteration will bring us.

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