A Big PlayStation Remake Announcement May Be Coming This December

A Big PlayStation Remake Announcement May Be Coming This December

Remakes have become a much more common occurrence now, and PlayStation is no stranger to the trend. After all, the company did launch the incredible remake of Demon’s Souls as one of the primary next-gen games for the PS5. If recent rumors are to be believed, the company now seems to have another big remake announcement for their fans.

This rumor comes from Irish singer-songwriter AVA who confirmed that she has written a song for a “big” PlayStation remake that will supposedly be announced in December later this year.

She divulged this information on the Irish radio show The Lunchbox, saying that she is working on a “remake of a PlayStation game,” that it is going to be a “big game,” and that it would be announced, “at Christmas.”

This could mean a couple of things, the first being that the game will be announced on Christmas Day, but that seems highly unlikely. The second, and most likely scenario, is that the game will be announced during the holiday season. Given that a big gaming event is happening in December, it seems like the perfect place for such an announcement.

The Game Awards 2021 is scheduled to take place on Thursday, December 9th, and it stands to reason that if a big PlayStation remake announcement is coming, it will take place then. Alternatively, Sony may host another one of its State of Play events in December.

However, the question on everybody’s lips is, “What game is it?!” Some reputable leakers recently teased that Bluepoint Games, developers of the Demon’s Souls remake, is working on a remake of Bloodborne. AVA may have also worked on the rumored Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill remakes.

A Big PlayStation Remake Announcement May Be Coming This December
PlayStation 5 | Source: Fandom

AVA may have even written a song for a The Last of Us remake. While this project has not been confirmed, reputable sources have stated that Naughty Dog is moving ahead with its plans to remake the first game for the PlayStation 5. This may seem odd, considering the sequel came out not too long ago, but it should be noted that the original The Last of Us came out nearly ten years ago.

PlayStation fans will have to wait till December to know what the company has in store for them. 

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