Capcom Hack Leads to Data of 350,000 People Being Stolen

Capcom Hack Leads to Data of 350,000 People Being Stolen

The popular Japanese Video game company, Capcom was under a ransomware attack. As a result, the personal information of 350,000 people has been exposed. Names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers of customers, employees, and business partners were targeted by hackers.

“Capcom would once again like to reiterate its deepest apologies for any complications or concerns caused by this incident. As a company that handles digital content, it is regarding this incident with the utmost seriousness.”


Furthermore, the company stated that their systems are no longer operating and that they are fully focused on investigation. Capcom also confirmed that hacked data does not contain credit card details.

Capcom Hack Leads to Data of 350,000 People Being Stolen
Capcom | Source: Twitter

The popular game developing company also provided a summary of what has been breached:

1. Information verified to have been compromised

i. Personal information: 9 items

  • Personal information of former employees: 5 items
    (Name & signature: 2 items; name & address: 1 item; passport information: 2 items)
  • Personal information of employees: 4 items
    (Name and HR information: 3 items; name & signature: 1 item)

ii. Other information

  • Sales reports
  • Financial information

2. Potentially compromised data

i. Personal information (customers, business partners, etc.): maximum of approx. 350,000 items

  • Japan: Customer service video game support help desk information (approx.134,000 items)
    Names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses
  • North America: Capcom Store member information (approx. 14,000 items)
    Names, birthdates, email addresses
  • North America: Esports operations website members (approx. 4,000 items)
    Names, email addresses, gender information
  • List of shareholders (approx. 40,000 items)
    Names, addresses, shareholder numbers, amount of shareholdings
  • Former employees’ (including family) information (approx. 28,000 people);
    applicants’ information (approx. 125,000 people)
    Names, birthdates, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, photos, etc.

ii. Personal information (employees and related parties)

  • Human resources information (approx. 14,000 people)

iii. Confidential corporate information

  • Sales data, business partner information, sales documents, development documents, etc.

To read every action that the company will take in their fight against hackers, you can read their full statement here.

About Capcom

Founded in 1979 by Kenzo Tsujimoto, Capcom is a Japanese game developing and publishing company. They are best known for creating well-acclaimed games like Devil May Cry, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and Mega Man, etc.