Capcom is “Looking Into” RE Village’s Abysmal Performance on PC

Capcom is “Looking Into” RE Village’s Abysmal Performance on PC

Earlier this week, reports sprung up stating that Resident Evil Village’s dismal performance on PC might be due to developer Capcom’s own anti-tamper measures.

This discovery was made after a cracked copy of the game that did not include these measures was seen performing loads better than an original copy of the horror survival title.

At the time, there was no indication of what Capcom was doing about the issue. Now, however, a report by The Gamer says that Capcom is well-aware of the situation and, “The team is currently looking into the reported PC performance issues.”

Currently, it is not known how exactly the developer will fix the issue.

For those unaware, a hacker going by the name Empress claimed a cracked copy of RE Village faced zero stuttering – an issue that’s been plaguing the original copy of the game on PC.

Notably, the only difference between the two was that the cracked copy did not include Capcom’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) tools while the original did.

Publications like Digital Foundry and DSO Gaming also put this cracked copy to the test and found marked improvements. For example, in Digital Foundry’s video linked below, there are moments when the FPS on the pirated copy exceeds that of the original. Thankfully, this is not the case between consoles, as the game runs just fine on all of them.

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So, there you have it: a cracked copy of Resident Evil Village runs better than Capcom’s original game. This is a significant issue that Capcom must remedy at the earliest because if they don’t, it could cost the developer a lot of money and goodwill.

However, should Capcom take uncomfortably long to drop an official fix, the mod community might be able to come to the game’s rescue.

Modders have taken a great liking to the game and have provided fixes in the past, so it will not be surprising if they take up the mantle for this too.

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