Most of CDPR’s Team Is Still Working on Cyberpunk 2077’s Expansion 

Most of CDPR’s Team Is Still Working on Cyberpunk 2077’s Expansion 

After the botched launch of Cyberpunk 2077 that completely tarnished the brand CDPR built for itself, the devs are now working hard towards resurrecting their image in the industry. Patch 1.5, which rolled out on Feb 16, embodies the efforts that the devs are putting in to make the open-world RPG playable. 

While the update significantly shook up the game by introducing a massive list of fixes to eliminate all those bugs that rendered Night City non-functional, it wasn’t the only thing on CD Projekt Red’s to-do list for 2022. 

Not only have the Polish game makers confirmed developing the first expansion pack for Cyberpunk 2077 but also the making of a new Witcher game on Unreal Engine 5. Typically, this would be a cause of celebration among enthusiasts, but the reality pointed to the contrary. 

Owing to a mistake made on CDPR’s financial report chart and the amount of staffing that a title as grand as Witcher 4 demands, many incorrectly suspected that a small crew of devs was working on Cyberpunk 2077 expansion pack. 

Thankfully, Projekt Red quickly noticed the growing discontent among fans and promptly clarified the situation at hand. Taking to Twitter, the studio confirmed that

the biggest part of our team is currently working on the Cyberpunk 2077 expansion.

CD Projekt Red

This clarified devotion towards adding more post-launch content to Cyberpunk 2077 means that the release of the upcoming Witcher game could take longer than one might expect.  

CP2077 is finally at a stage where it’s working just as intended, and given that fans have had to dive into the base game for such a long period of time, it makes sense to prioritize it over the next Witcher that was only announced in March. 

In the tweet below, you’ll find the original, inaccurate team size chart that CD Projekt Red cleared up: 

About Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is an action-adventure RPG developed and published by CD Projekt Red.

The game is set in Night City, a seemingly utopian megalopolis where anything and everything is possible, on the surface, that is. We play as V, a mercenary that is after an implant that serves as the key to immortality. The humongous game world offers a lot of pathways, choices, allies, and enemies. The best part; every single choice and action of yours will forge the story around you!

Cyberpunk 2077 released on PC,  PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia on December 10th, with a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X release set for 2021!

About The Witcher 4

The Witcher 4 is a placeholder name for an upcoming game from CD Projekt Red based in The Witcher universe. It has been labeled as a new saga and will most likely not feature Geralt of Rivia as the protagonist.