Crusader Kings 3’s New Patch Brings A Designing Feature!

Crusader Kings 3’s New Patch Brings A Designing Feature!

Thanks to the 1.2 update, Crusader Kings 3 is set to house the Ruler Designer feature. If you have played Crusader Kings 2, you must have spent hours in the ‘Ruler Designer’. 

This tool allows players to create and design their rulers. From physical appearance to attributes and traits, everything can be customized. Only a few games allow your creative wings to soar and Crusader Kings 3 is one of them.

CK3 - Ruler Designer Sneak Peak

If you’re worried about the saves in update 1.1 then relax.

Devs have confirmed, “saves made in 1.1 will be compatible in 1.2!”

We know that you’re excited about having your ‘Ruler Designer’ feature back in Crusader Kings 3 but that isn’t the only new change.

Other changes to be seen in the game are:

  • Kill List: Here, the skull icon will appear on any character who has killed people that you know and when clicked, opens a list of everyone they killed and how they met their grisly fate. In simpler words, it is a track record of every killing done by a character.
  • Reworked Dynasty UI: The dynasty feature will have more info boxes explaining how dynasty and house head is chosen, especially how maximum military strength determines who’s dynasty head.
Crusader Kings 3’s New Patch Brings a Designing Feature!
Crusader Kings 3 | Source: Fandom
  • Improved Ugliness System: The facial features will be more severe here. Focusing on small feature sets like this helps ensure that ugly people are varied in their ugliness, and more readily identifiable as “ugly”.
  • Changes to rules and options: Nudity which was previously a rule is now a game setting. Moreover, the rule controls the behavior of the AI when choosing which type of marriage to pursue. 

If you want to read other countless tweaks that devs are making to Crusader Kings 3, you can click here.

About Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings III is a role-playing grand strategy game that offers both single-player and multiplayer gameplay.

The game takes you back to either 867 or 1066 and lasts till 1453. You will be required to control every move of your dynasty here. From fighting wars to choosing a lifestyle for your character, the game is very in-depth and will require you to think twice before coming to a conclusion.