DDR5 Memory Sticks Faces Cost Decline– Retails for €5 Per Gigabyte

DDR5 Memory Sticks Faces Cost Decline– Retails for €5 Per Gigabyte

About six months ago, the DDR5 was performing pretty severely. Incomplete retail listings and price surge of GPUs were the reasons for its drastic pricing.

The DDR5 continues to face a severe price drop. After the launch of Intel’s Alder Lake series, the memory support sticks went through a turbulent pricing phase, given the initial delivery and stock issues.

The German blog ComputerBase reports that DDR5-4800 memory is now available for less than €5 per GB.

Compared to last year’s value of about €15 per GB, the cost has taken a significant dive.

The revised price is about 20% cheaper in a short span of just four weeks.

The report comes after analyzing over 200 different DDR5 kits. The standard SO-DIMM 32GB Desktop kit with DDR5-4800 memory support retails at €154 entry-level price.

The memory sticks are no longer an expensive investment at this stage. Updating DDR5-4800 to DDR5-5200 is pointless as the primary cost difference is only a few euros.

DDR5 SDRAM Retails At An All-Time Low Price Of €15 Per GB

Opting for the DDR5-6000 will be the wiser choice. It costs €250, only about a hundred euros costlier than the standard 32 GB kit, but even this price is lesser than what was advertised initially, i.e., €999.

At best, the cost of DDR5 memory support will decline further, making an alternate way for the platforms that depend on it, such as AMD’s Ryzen 7000 Raphael series and Intel’s Raptor Lake CPUs.