Devs Took over 6 Years to Perfect Ghost of Tsushima’s Combat System

Devs Took over 6 Years to Perfect Ghost of Tsushima’s Combat System

Ghost of Tsushima’s most notable feature is easily its combat mechanics. Every time you swing your sword, satisfaction will take over you. Each swing is so smooth, crisp, and feels authentic. Today, Sucker Punch Productions revealed that achieving such a feat was not an easy affair. 

The team of devs behind Ghost of Tsushima, Sucker Punch Productions, claimed that it took more than six years to perfect the game’s combat style. The devs continued testing umpteen approaches until they were finally satisfied with the final outcome. Therefore, it took Sucker Punch Productions over six years to be pleased with the fight mechanics.

The game’s in-depth combat system allows for both stealth and direct attacks as per your inclinations. On top of this, you have a myriad variety of tactics, gear, and special abilities to wipe out anyone with sheer grace and force.

In a digital AMA session, Sucker Punch co-founder Brian Fleming disclosed that the game’s fighting mechanics’ execution was,

“by far the hardest thing the team has ever done.”

Brian Fleming
Devs Took over 6 Years to Perfect Ghost of Tsushima's Combat System
Brian Fleming | Source: Twitter

“Easy answer, and the answer is combat. The combat system was something that the team that worked on that — the handful of programmers and designers and animators — you know they worked nonstop for six years and built multiple versions of it with multiple approaches.”

Brian Fleming

Flemming added.

Due to the hard work that the team of developers put in, the game has done so well commercially and critically. Sucker Punch also won the hearts of the fans through their portrayal of the island, Jin Sakai.

With the game receiving oodles of love worldwide, it’s no surprise that Ghost of Tsushima has a completion rate of 50.2%, the second-highest of any open-world PS4 game

Only Marvel’s Spider-Man, another fan favorite, has a better completion rate.

About Ghost of Tsushima

From the studio which brought us Sly Cooper and the inFamous series, Ghost of Tsushima is Sucker Punch’s latest release. Praised by both critics and players alike for the story, gameplay, visuals and soundtrack, Ghost of Tsushima is one of the most popular games released in 2020.

Players control Jin Sakai, a samurai turned assassin, on a journey of revenge and redemption as the island of Tsushima battles against the invasion of the Mongol hordes. Master samurai techniques, engage in epic duels reminiscent of Kurosawa films and explore the lush and vast island of Tsushima on your quest to free and reclaim your homeland.