Ubisoft Has Issued a DMCA Takedown for ‘The GeForce Now Leak’

Ubisoft Has Issued a DMCA Takedown for ‘The GeForce Now Leak’

Last week, we received a GeForce Now leak that revealed many games coming to PC, including some PlayStation titles. While nothing was officially confirmed and NVIDIA even put out a statement calling the leak “speculative,” Ubisoft has deemed it worthy enough to issue a DMCA takedown.

Ubisoft Has Issued a DMCA Takedown for the GeForce Now Leak
UBISOFT | Source: Official Website

Pavel Djundik, owner and operator of SteamDB, took the liberty of posting the entire leak on his GitHub page, but that page has now been taken down due to Ubisoft’s actions. Pavel confirmed this in a tweet where he mentioned that Ubisoft had sent him a DMCA notice which he was forced to obey.

But, as the saying goes, nothing can ever be deleted from the internet. You can find the entire list on this archival site, and you just need to CTRL+F to find the Ubisoft titles.

Several of these games have already been released, or are known to the masses by now, such as Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Far Cry 6, but a few titles have been listed with just their codenames. These include,

  • Project Meteor by Ubisoft Sofia
  • Project Q by Ubisoft
  • Project Over by Ubisoft Paris
  • Project Orlando by Ubisoft Ivory Tower

Eurogamer identified Project Orlando and Project Meteor thanks to some leaks that had been previously posted on the GamingLeaksAndRumors subreddit. Project Orlando seems to be a new DLC for The Crew 2, and Project Meteor appears to be a new expansion for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla.

No information has been found on Project Q and Project Over, as they are still unknown, and Ubisoft is not going to reveal anything anytime soon.

NVIDIA has tried to downplay the leak by calling it an “internal tracking and testing” list and “neither confirmation nor an announcement of any game,” but the internet has been having a field day. The list is now deemed as a treasure trove of unannounced games and PC ports.

Sony exclusives such as God of War, Returnal, Demon’s Souls, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake may head to PC soon, and announcements for Resident Evil 4 Remake, Half-Life 2 Remastered, and the GTA Remastered Trilogy may be right around the corner.

Ubisoft Has Issued a DMCA Takedown for the GeForce Now Leak
God of War Ragnarok | Source: Playstation

Ubisoft’s action to take down the list has, in some ways, legitimized the list for many, stating that the company would not want the list to be taken down if there was no truth to it.