When Genshin Impact’s story will end? miHoYo Reveals Future Plans

When Genshin Impact’s story will end? miHoYo Reveals Future Plans

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular games out there, and it definitely deserves to be one. It has everything a modern-day gamer appreciates —- a wide range of cheerful characters, a fascinating open world, lots of action-filled gameplay, and most importantly, a captivating storyline. 

Anyone who has played Genshin Impact knows that the stature of the overarching lore surrounding the game is as vast as it is intriguing, but is there an end to this story and traveler’s adventure in the world of Teyvat? 

Genshin Impact’s story is incomplete at the moment and does not have an ending. There is also no official confirmation of its conclusion in the near future from miHoYo as of now.  

I know the answer may sound unsatisfactory to someone who wished for a complete gaming experience with Genshin Impact, but to even predict when it will end, we must first look at its backstory. 

Genshin Impact Main Storyline 

At the very beginning of Genshin Impact, the players are introduced to the existence of multiple worlds during the traveler twins’ fight sequence with the Unknown God.   

During the fight, one of the twins was “captured” by the god, and the other one was thrown into the world of Teyvat, thus beginning their journey to find ‘the Seven’ as a means to find their lost sibling. 

When Genshin Impact's story will end? miHoYo Reveals Future Plans
Genshin Impact | Source: PlayStation

“The Seven” are seven gods that preside over seven regions of Teyvat. Currently, only three of these seven regions are released by miHoYo and are playable in Genshin Impact.  

So, basically, Genshin Impact won’t end until all of these seven regions are unlocked. 

When will Genshin Impact end? Future Predictions 

Genshin Impact may end sometime after 2025 as Mihoyo CEO Cai Haoyu said the company would release all seven regions of Teyvat in the next four years during a Game Developer Conference in July 2021.

The seven regions of Teyvat and their release years are as follows: 

  • Mondstadt – Already released 
  • Liyue – Already released 
  • Inazuma – Already released 
  • Sumeru (Desert region) – 2022 
  • Fontaine (High-rise rich kingdom) – 2023 
  • Natlan (Fire region) -2024 
  • Sznezhnaya (Fatui region) – 2025 

However, this announcement does not necessarily mean that the story and the game will also end in 2025 because the developers have already introduced the concept of several worlds in the Genshin Impact Universe.  

When Genshin Impact's story will end? miHoYo Reveals Future Plans
Genshin Impact | Source: PlayStation

If the game keeps gaining the popularity it has now, the developers will surely try to explore and expand its horizon to multiple worlds. But one thing is assured that sooner or later, the traveler will find their lost sibling, ending the initial story arc of the game. 

What can you do in Genshin Impact after completing the main story?   

About Genshin Impact

Developed and published by miHoYo, Genshin Impact is an action-adventure RPG. It allows for both single-player and multiplayer gameplay. Furthermore, the game supports both cross-platform and cross-save features.

Genshin Impact is full of countless magical characters that will come with their own set of unique skills to kill enemies. Since it is an open-world game that one can explore by several movements like walking, swimming, gliding, and climbing.

The game allows enthusiasts to choose the gender of the playable character. In a quest to find your lost sibling, you will stumble upon other playable characters too who will assist you in unveiling the secrets of the gods of this dynamic world.