Does Sekiro have difficulty settings? How to make the game easier?

Does Sekiro have difficulty settings? How to make the game easier?

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a famous action-adventure RPG souls borne title. The game takes place in the Sengoku period of Japan and follows the story of a shinobi known as Wolf, attempting to take revenge on a samurai clan that imprisoned him and kidnapped his lord.  

FromSoftware, Sekiro’s developers are renowned for making highly challenging games and not even allowing the players to lower the games’ difficulty! 

Sekiro does not have an easy mode or difficulty settings like most of the other FromSoftware games. However, players can make it easier by using mods. 

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the creative director, and executive of FromSoftware, explained why Sekiro does not have the option of lowering the difficulty during an interview with GameSpot.  

We don’t want to include a difficulty selection because we want to bring everyone to the same level of enjoyment, so we want everyone first to face that challenge and overcome it in some way that suits them as a player. 

We want everyone to feel that sense of accomplishment. We feel if there’s different difficulties, that’s going to segment and fragment the user base.

Hidetaka Miyazaki

1. How to make Sekiro easier? 

Does Sekiro have difficulty settings? How to make the game easier?

Sekiro can be made easier using the “Sekiro the Easy” mod available on NexusMods. Unfortunately, there is no legitimate way to do the same.  

This mod tweaks certain game settings that give the players an edge over the enemies. Here is a list of all the changes it does to the game: 

  • It does not die by Terror. 
  • Strong attack power, high defense strength, and stamina. 
  • High Drop item Rate. 
  • Weapon buff time increase. 
  • Infinite Spirit Emblem. 
  • Prevents Damage from falling. 
  • Infinite Time of Puppeteer Ninjustsu 
  • The effects related to defense and drop rate are applied as buffs. 

2. Is Sekiro OK for casual gamers? 

Sekiro can be really difficult for casual gamers as it is considered one of the hardest soulsborne games in the genre. 

However, this does not mean that you should not give it a try. Initially, the game demands a lot of patience from the player, and you will have to learn the game’s basic mechanics to conquer the starting bosses.  

But once you get familiar with the gameplay and the mechanics, you will undoubtedly have one of the most amazing gaming experiences, so even if you are a casual game, definitely give Sekiro a shot. 

3. Is Sekiro harder than Dark Souls? 

Does Sekiro have difficulty settings? How to make the game easier?

Sekiro is harder than the Dark Souls series because of its tough bosses, game mechanics, and lack of co-op. 

The only way to beat the game is to learn all the mechanics, parry at the right time, be patient, and overall “git gud.” It requires perfectly timed sword attacks, parries, and deflections against various staggeringly strong enemies.  

Even after all of that, a minor slip-up can cause immediate death in Sekiro, as everything happens much faster in the game than our anticipation.  

4. How long it takes to beat Sekiro? 

It takes 70 hours to 100% complete Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, according to the website HowLongToBeat.  

However, if you are only interested in the story of the game, it will take you around 30 hours to complete the entire main storyline. Additionally, finishing every side quest in the game will cost you extra 12 hours.  

5. Is Sekiro better than Ghost of Tsushima? 

Does Sekiro have difficulty settings? How to make the game easier?
Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is better than Sekiro for casual gamers looking for a fun and simple samurai game as a way to relax after work. 

Sekiro is just as fun in combat and gameplay, but it is more difficult than the Ghost of Tsushima. The main objective in Sekiro is always to go from point A to Point B and kill enemies or an overpowered boss, while in Ghost of Tsushima, you can just chill around and enjoy the game’s beauty.  

So, in my opinion, Ghost of Tsushima can be a much better experience for casual gamers. 

6. About Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Developed by FromSoftware. Inc., Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an action-adventure game from a third-person view. The plot of the game revolves around Shinobi aka Wolf. Shinobi is fueled by vengeance as a samurai clan kidnapped his lord. Here, you are required to play as Shinobi and go against the likes of anyone who dare opposes you.