Elden Ring DLC: Everything We Know So Far – Release Dates, Name & More

Elden Ring DLC: Everything We Know So Far – Release Dates, Name & More

Elden Ring is undoubtedly the best open-world RPG video game of 2022 so far. Gamers worldwide are replaying it constantly and are desperate for even just a bit more of the premium content Elden Ring offers; thus, the demand for a DLC is getting louder and louder with every passing day. 

Luckily, it looks like FromSoftware has something in store for all of us Elden Ring maniacs, but the major question is when this DLC will release and what will it be about. 

When will the Elden Ring DLC release? 

The Elden Ring DLC will be released in November-December 2022 after its announcement in August 2022, according to FromSoftware’s DLC strategy. 

If we look at the previous souls games released by FromSoftware, we can see that they announce the DLCs around 6 months after the release of their game, and it arrives one month after the announcement.  

Elden Ring should also follow the same pattern! 

Is the Elden Ring DLC named Barbarians of Badlands? 

The Elden Ring DLC is rumored to be called Barbarians of Badlands, according to the leaks by a hacker group called ALPHV. 

Elden Ring DLC: Everything We Know So Far – Release Dates, Name & More
Barbarians of the Badlands

A few days ago, ALPHV supposedly launched a ransomware attack against Bandai Namco Entertainment, the company behind Elden Ring, and gathered a lot of their unannounced data to demand a hefty ransom for it. This data also allegedly contained the name of the upcoming Elden Ring DLC.  

Even though Bandai Namco has neither recognized nor denied the news of a hacker attack, it is not that difficult to believe the rumors because the idea of a DLC set in Badlands following the story of Hoarah Loux, chieftain of the Badlands and the Tarnished sounds exciting. 

However, it is also possible that the leaks about Barbarians of Badlands are totally fabricated as Dualshockers claims that the hacking group’s motivations and technique are questionable and that the game’s release date looks excessively far off, considering FromSoftware’s regular release timeline. 

Elden Ring DLC Theories and Rumors 

I. PvP Arena DLC 

There are tons of theories out there about the Elden Ring DLC, but apparently, the most accepted and prominent one is about a PvP DLC set up in a colosseum. 

Hardcore fans of the Elden Ring have found a closed colosseum through the game’s files in an inaccessible area. If you notice through the barred gates, you can see a whole arena that can be perfect for PvP events.  

Check it out in the video below: 

II. Elden Ring Divine Towers Map Theory 

A Reddit user has posted an interesting theory about the Divine Towers on r/Eldenring.  

Suppose you trace all Divine Towers of Lands Between. In that case, their midpoint seems to be pointing towards an inaccessible clouded region in the middle of the map, which can be a potential location for the upcoming DLC. The previously mentioned PvP colosseum could also be located here! 

III. Elden Dreams Theory 

The Elden Dreams theory suggests that the upcoming DLC can transpire in a dream or a nightmare of some major NPC crucial to the Elden Ring storyline.  

This theory may sound vague and strange, but what if I tell you that FromSoftware already had a similar plan? 

According to a report by Eurogamer, data miner Lance McDonald found out that Elden Ring once had a feature where the player could explore the dreams of some sleeping NPCs, but this feature was removed from the final game. 

Miquella, Malenia’s lost brother, seems to be the prime candidate for this DLC as he is mentioned tons of times throughout the game, but the player never meets him directly. 

Interestingly, while playing the game, you will get to know that he was captured by Mohgwyn and tortured until he fell into a slumber and hasn’t woken up since. 

Once you defeat Mogh, Lord of Blood, you can see Miquella’s hand slipping out through a crack from his cocoon but cannot interact with it. The DLC may allow you to interact with him and play through his dreams. 

Elden Ring DLC: Everything We Know So Far – Release Dates, Name & More
Elden Ring DLC

About Elden Ring

Elden Ring is the next major title to be released by FromSoftware, the developers of Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne and the Dark Souls franchise. Elden Ring is set to release on the February 25th, 2022.

The game is set in a world known as The Lands Between. Players will take control of a Tarnished to explore these lands and uncover the secrets it holds. The game is an open-world style title with emphasis on combat and traversal. There is also a multiplayer component, along players to summon others for co-operative play, or to be invaded for PvP encounters.