Epic Backed by Microsoft in Its Campaign Against Apple

Epic Backed by Microsoft in Its Campaign Against Apple

It is known to everyone that Microsoft has publicly backed Epic in its fight against Apple. Back in August, a statement in support was filed by Microsoft to back Epic’s request of receiving a temporary restraining order to prevent the removal of Epic Games’ developer account from Apple’s platform.

Today, the backing by Microsoft in favor of Epic is further strengthened by announcing 10 principles “to promote choice, ensure fairness, and promote innovation on Windows 10 and Microsoft Store on Windows 10”. These principles are:

  • Developers will have the freedom to choose whether to distribute their apps for Windows through our app store. We will not block competing app stores on Windows.
  • We will not block an app from Windows based on a developer’s business model or how it delivers content and services, including whether the content is installed on a device or streamed from the cloud.
  • We will not block an app from Windows based on a developer’s choice of which payment system to use for processing purchases made in its app.
  • We will give developers timely access to information about the interoperability interfaces we use on Windows, as set forth in our Interoperability Principles.
  • Every developer will have access to our app store as long as it meets objective standards and requirements, including those for security, privacy, quality, content, and digital safety.
  • Our app store will charge reasonable fees that reflect the competition we face from other app stores on Windows and will not force a developer to sell within its app anything it doesn’t want to sell.
  • Our app store will not prevent developers from communicating directly with their users through their apps for legitimate business purposes.
  • Our app store will hold our own apps to the same standards to which it holds competing apps.
  • Microsoft will not use any non-public information or data from its app store about a developer’s app to compete with it
  • Our app store will be transparent about its rules and policies and opportunities for promotion and marketing, apply these consistently and objectively, provide notice of changes and make available a fair process to resolve disputes.
Epic Backed by Microsoft in Its Campaign Against Apple
Microsoft | Source: Microsoft

Though the principles do not have any mention of Apple and Epic, it is clear that Microsoft is taking a dig at Apple. The first three principles talk about Apple and how the tech giants preclude other app stores on its platform.

As one can imagine, Epic was ecstatic to receive Microsoft’s support, and their CEO Tim Sweeney took to Twitter to make his appreciation heard.

The legal proceedings between Apple and Epic will take place on May 3, 2021.