Expedition Mutators Being Tested for Better New World Endgame Content

Expedition Mutators Being Tested for Better New World Endgame Content

New year, new content coming to Amazon’s MMO New World. The developers have re-opened the Public Testing Realm so players can playtest some new features and experience new content before officially launching it on the live servers.

Expedition Mutators is one of the new features open for testing and has been designed to add some spice and variety to the endgame combat.

The developers released a blog post talking about the role of the new feature. But it should be noted that it is not just the combat conditions that will change; rewards will also be affected with “new bespoke gear and resources” to collect.

Mutators change the familiar by augmenting ‘normal’ and ‘named’ enemies found within Expeditions, changing the way encounters play out and what strategies players should consider before battle.

New World Developers

This system will work by cycling through a “unique combination of Expeditions and Mutations each week,” with ten difficulty levels per Expedition Mutation. The goal will be to work up the ladder of difficulty, with the higher levels being very challenging and offering the best loot.

Expedition Mutators Being Tested for Better New World Endgame Content
New World | Source: New World

The recommended Gear Score for each Mutated Expedition will be the deciding factor as it will directly tie into enemy scaling and, thus, your chances of beating the encounter. The combat scaling will be “individual per player and separate from the base difficulty increases in health and damage.”

The scoring of the Mutation Expedition – a shared value for members of a group tackling the mission – will be based on a combination of factors. These could include time taken, AI kills accomplished, takedowns of ‘named’ enemies, the number of wipes your team suffered, and respawns.

Players will be able to earn bonus multipliers for accomplishments such as completing the Mutated Expedition swiftly, taking out all the enemies, and keeping respawns, and team wipes to a minimum.

Expedition Mutators Being Tested for Better New World Endgame Content
New World

To progress through the difficulty levels, players will need to achieve a “predesignated level of proficiency within the highest achieved level”; a certain score bar. The higher the score, the higher you’ll progress and the better loot you can get.

Every 48 hours, one of the following expeditions will be mutated: Dynasty Shipyard, Garden of Genesis, and Lazarus Instrumentality.

So, if you’re looking for a new challenge in New World, these Mutated Expeditions may be right up your alley. The only caveat is, we don’t know when they will be introduced to the live game.

About New World

New World is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) by Amazon Games set to be released on August 31, 2021. The game was previously scheduled to release in May 2020 but was delayed to its current date.

Set in the mid-1600s, players colonize a fictional land known as Aeternum Island, modeled after North and South Americas in the Atlantic Ocean. The game will be using a buy-to-play business model, meaning there will be no monthly subscription fee.