Sony Files Patent for Old Playstation Peripherals Emulation Process

Sony Files Patent for Old Playstation Peripherals Emulation Process

Companies are diverting their attention toward video game preservation. After being remade for newer consoles and gaming platforms, several game titles are seeing new light. Sony seems to be acting towards this cause as well, mysteriously working towards conserving a golden period from our childhoods. 

A new Sony patent implies vintage Playstation peripherals rework might be in the making.

Sony Files Patent For Old Playstation Peripherals Emulation Process
Playstation Peripherals | Source: Playstation

Sony Interactive Entertainment filed a patent titled “Systems and Methods For Converting A Legacy Code Into An Updated Code” on June 30, 2022.

The document highlights potential plans, i.e., a video game emulation procedure that Sony might utilize later, including a diagram specifying methods to emulate old Playstation peripherals like the EyeToy, PS Move, PSP Go, and a ‘legacy card reader.’ A safe guess is that the peripherals mentioned above and more are being kept for safekeeping until Sony decides how to make their comeback.

The illustration also includes the Playstation Move controller with a couple of iterations. Given Sony’s commitment to virtual reality gaming with the PSVR, the altered PS Move controller might be featured with an upcoming console. 

EyeToy, Playstation Move & More Might Be Making A Comeback!
PS Move Controller | Source: Playstation

Although the directors at Sony have not made their motives public, fans are guessing this official emulation of the software using trademark Playstation features will play out in the long run. The technology might even have physical memory card integration since memory cards played a massive part for fifth and sixth-gen consoles.

Sony’s intent with this patent isn’t explicitly clear, but this does seem to imply that PS3 PlayStation Move games may be returning in some form.

This news has gotten some fans excited with nostalgia. There is a possibility that PlayStation Move titles will be appearing soon as reworked games.

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