Fall Guys’ Second Season Begins soon

Fall Guys’ Second Season Begins soon

Fall Guys’ launch season is finally coming to an end, but even so, fans are pretty excited because the next season is right around the corner!

The second season will be even bigger and better than the first one in every shape and form, so players can expect a lot of new content to make them stick around and play with the jelly beans a little more!

Of course, it is pretty clear at this point that Fall Guys is a game that is only cutesy on the surface, with a challenging Takeshi’s Castle-inspired battle-royale hidden underneath.

Fall Guys’ Second Season Begins soon
Fall Guys’ | Source: Mediatonic

When the game’s second season was announced back in Gamescom 2020, people were pretty excited to see this game being a lot bigger than they ever imagined it to be, and it truly is exciting and fun in every sense of the words!

But that begs the question; when exactly is season 2 coming out?

The second season of Fall Guys is primed and ready to be released on October 8th, with the first season ending on October 5th.

It will feature new rounds, more customization options, a larger number of crowns given as progression rewards, a ton of new costumes and banners, and a new feature called ‘party falling,’ where, according to Mediatonic “you’ll see your friends falling alongside you while queuing up for matches.”

Being the latest and the most unique in the long line of battle-royale games, there is a lot of responsibility that Fall Guys needs to shoulder.

From developing a better anti-cheat system to delivering fresh content so that the players will stick with the game for a long term, there is a lot the Mediatonic needs to achieve right now.

Fall Guys’ Second Season Begins soon
Fall Guys’ | Source: Mediatonic

Seeing how even the addicting gameplay of battle-royale giants like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite quickly grew stale, and with the developers struggling to deliver new and amazing in-game content, the way Mediatonic handles their latest smash-hit title and the direction they take the game to will certainly be interesting to spectate and watch out for.

About Fall Guys

Released on August 4, 2020, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a battle royale developed by Mediatonic for platforms like PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

It is one of those battle royales which without even a hint of explosives and fireworks offers a gameplay that is nothing short of dramatic and out of the ordinary moments.

Fall Guys deploys quick tempo gameplay where up to 60 players engage as adorable jelly-like characters. One can specially alter the design of jelly as per the inclinations too.

To further emphasize this, the game is divided into distinct mini-games. Every mini-game varies from another. If one requires users to eliminate others then the next mini-game demands players to join hands and put on a display of joint effort.

Every match of the game lasts for 15 minutes and overflows with running, bouncing, jumping, and snatching items. This is done to avoid obstacles and elimination from a particular round. The last standing gamer is declared as the winner.

Being slow here means elimination, simple as that.

When the game was available for pre-order, it became the sixth top-selling game on Stream. It also caught the attention of 1.5 million players within the first day of its release. Fall Guys is very appreciated and cherished throughout the globe.