Fall Guys to Introduce Big Yeetus, a Spawning Hammer

Fall Guys to Introduce Big Yeetus, a Spawning Hammer

Modern technology is so advanced that graphics nowadays seem almost realistic and are truly breathtaking.

In the midst of such realistic games comes Fall Guys with its cartoon-like graphics and jelly bean avatars. Enough to make a man overlook it.

But there is substantially more to it than what meets the eye.

Though the game is loaded with charming, valuable, little jelly bean characters, it’s still a demanding and gruelling battle royale.

The hype surrounding this game is surreal. Skyrim and Resident Evil 3, both got a Fall Guys mod. Season 2 of the game is set to hit the market in October.

Now, Mediatonic will soon add another feature to this highly rated battle royale. A twirling, swinging candy-themed hammer known as Big Yeetus will now be incorporated by the game.

This hammer will arbitrarily come forth while one plays so as to whomp users like a baseball.

This will cause a wide range of pandemonium in the game.

Fall Guys took to Twitter to announce their latest addition.

Primarily used for creating havoc in the game, Big Yeetus can also be used for one’s own ends if utilized intelligently. Thus it can either boost or damage a gamer’s prospect of qualifying to the next level.

Mediatonic, so far, has said nothing regarding the release of Big Yeetus. They tweeted “Following a deluge of media enquiries, we would like to confirm that we are not offering official press comment on the existence of this so-called ‘Big Yeetus’”.

Skyrim Gets a New Fall Guys Mod

About Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Released on August 4 2020, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a battle royale developed by Mediatonic for platforms like PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

It is one of those battle royale which without even a hint of explosives and fireworks offers a gameplay that is nothing short of dramatic and out of the ordinary moments.

Fall Guys deploys a quick tempo gameplay where up to 60 players engage as adorable jelly like characters. One can specially alter the design of jelly as per the inclinations too.

Big Yeetus, a Spawning Hammer, to Be Introduced in Fall Guys
Fall Guys | Source: Steam

To further emphasize this, the game is divided into distinct mini-games. Every mini-game varies from another. If one requires users to eliminate others then the next mini-game demands players to join hands and put on a display of joint effort.

Every match of the game lasts for a span of 15 minutes and overflows with running, bouncing, jumping and snatching items. This is done to avoid obstacles and elimination from a particular round. The last standing gamer is declared as the winner.

Being slow here means elimination, simple as that.

When the game was available for pre-order, it became the sixth top selling game on Stream.

It also caught the attention of 1.5 million players within the first day of its release. Fall Guys is very appreciated and cherished throughout the globe.