Fallout Mod Sim Settlements to Receive a Sequel

Fallout Mod Sim Settlements to Receive a Sequel

The most critically-acclaimed Fallout mod, Sim Settlements, is set to receive a new sequel that is primed and ready to be way bigger and better than the original mod.

Sim Settlements is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best mods to ever come to the Fallout community.

It’s a unique take on the settlement system of Fallout 4 that allows NPCs to build their own homes, with it automatically changing over time without the players’ inputs.

Fallout Mod Sim Settlements to Receive a Sequel
Fallout 4 | Source: Steam

Here’s the trailer for the highly-ambitious sequel:

Sim Settlements 2 Announcement Trailer (Fallout 4)

“We’re re-imagining what Fallout 4 would look like if it had the main storyline where settlements have a purpose and importance to the characters involved.

So rather than being an optional side narrative for Preston, it’s the key driver in our questline.”

King Gath, mod’s creator

From what we can tell, the sequel will be carrying its own set of quests, side-quests, as well as completely different voice characters. However, the story will be delivered in episodes, with Act 1 coming this year and subsequent Acts will follow later.

“In addition, we’ll have dozens of recruitable characters that will be lured to your settlements depending on what you build at them. So, for example, if you build a Brewery, you might attract Scribe Monty Phylon, the Brotherhood’s finest beverage Scribe, or if you make a large farm-focused settlement you might attract Odette who recently left her own farm after suffering a tragedy – things like that. These characters are all fully voiced, and many have quests they’ll send you on.”

King Gath

As for how the actual mod will play out, along with its many features, it is still in the realms of the unknown. Regardless, how the players will think of this mod when it finally drops will certainly be fun to spectate.