Fandom Acquires GameSpot, Metacritic and Other Entertainment Companies in $55M Deal 

Fandom Acquires GameSpot, Metacritic and Other Entertainment Companies in $55M Deal 

Fandom is a website that offers a wiki hosting service and fan platform providing over 40 million pages of content and 250,000 wiki communities to inform about various media like video games, TV shows and movies etc. But Fandom is getting even bigger and is on its way to become the No.1 fan platform in the world.  

In a post on Monday, October 3rd, Fandom announced that they had acquired multiple entertainment and gaming brands which include GameSpot, Giant Bomb, GameFAQs and Metacritic from RedVentures who previously owned these brands. Check out the announcement tweet below: 

Metacritic is a website for game review scores that provides an average score for various games.

GameFAQs is a website that provides walkthroughs and answers to questions about puzzles and boss fights.

GameSpot is a website that provides video game and entertainment coverage like news, reviews, etc.

ComicVine is the largest comic database and provides tons of information about comics while TV Guide provides TV listings and entertainment news.

Cord Cutters News is also another news website so safe to say that the acquisition is diverse. 

It’s being reported that the acquisition cost around $55 million USD. It’s a huge announcement considering that Fandom is expanding and will now include reviews, ratings, and news too.  

Fandom CEO Perkins Miller said in a statement,

We’re thrilled to add these powerful, authoritative brands into the Fandom platform, which will expand our business capabilities and provide immersive content for our partners, advertisers and fans. The trusted insights, ratings and content they provide will make us a one-stop shop for fans across their entertainment and gaming journey. 

Perkins Miller

This acquisition will also help increase Fandom’s audience, consisting of 115 million video game fans, 17 million pages of content, and 100,000 gaming communities, per Fandom’s 2022 State of Gaming report. The acquisition will also help increase the monthly user base of Fandom to 350 million users.  

Fandom Acquires GameSpot, Metacritic and Other Entertainment Companies in $55M Deal
Fandom’s State of Game 2022 | Source: Fandom

In addition to creating exceptional fan experiences, these platforms will add to our FanDNA data offering, giving us sentiment and intent signals that will help improve the consumer experience as well as make our commerce and advertising businesses more impactful. 

Perkins Miller

Fandom’s acquisition of Red Ventures companies joins the list of other companies purchased by Fandom previously. In 2021, Fandom acquired Focus Multimedia Ltd. In 2019, they acquired Curse Media, from Twitch, and in 2018, they acquired the online movie magazine ScreenJunkies.  

About Fandom

Fandom (formerly known as Wikicities before 2007 and later Wikia before 2019) is a wiki hosting service which hosts wikis mainly on entertainment topics (i.e. video games, TV series, movies, entertainers, etc.).

The main purpose of articles in a Fandom community is to cover information and discussion on a particular topic in a much greater and more comprehensive detail level than what can be found on Wikipedia articles.