Final Fantasy 7 Remake Free… Only for PS4!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Free… Only for PS4!

A listing on the Japan PlayStation Network Store has confirmed that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is going to be free for PS Plus subscribers. However, the free upgrade won’t be available unless you purchase the title.

There were already rumours that FF7 Remake was going to be one of the free PS Plus games, but the question was would PS5 owners also receive the in-game next-gen update. While the update had been announced yesterday during the PlayStation State of Play event, and that it would be free for anyone who owns the game, it won’t be available to those who will be downloading the game free from their PS Plus subscription. The update will be made available on the 10th of June 2021.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Free… Only For PS4!
Final Fantasy VII | Source: PlayStation

During the State of Play event, “Intergrade” was announced, a new episode for FF7 Remake. This new episode will introduce Yuffie, and will be considered as an additional episode instead of a whole new part. Intergrade is available both as a bundle with FF7 Remake as well as a standalone DLC, but the cost of the standalone is yet to be announced. PS5 owners can pre-order the next-gen bundle for $70.

Post State of Play, Square Enix also announced that FF7 will be getting two new mobile games. Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis which combines the entire FF7 journey into one singular titles, and a battle royale called The First Soldier. The events of The First Soldier is set to take place before Final Fantasy 7.

March is going to be a good Month of Final Fantasy fans, with one of the most beloved instalments in the series going free. While PS5 owners may not get the next-gen update from the PS Plus freebie, they’ll still get a free trip down memory lane with the game.

About Final Fantasy 7 Remake

A remake of the 1997 PlayStation game, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is an action RPG which gives Final Fantasy fans a nostalgic trip back in time.

With all new graphics and gameplay styles, players will take control of the mercenary Cloud Strife as they battle their way through the dystopian cyberpunk metropolis of Midgar.