Genshin Impact: Biggest Worldwide Launch of a Chinese Game?

Genshin Impact: Biggest Worldwide Launch of a Chinese Game?

You know a game’s the real deal when it’s doing almost as good as TikTok and has overtaken Fortnite in terms of Twitch views. The game is named as Genshin Impact.

It is an open-world adventure game that is filled with magic and will spellbind you with its magic. Literally!

Whenever it comes to gaming, I’ve rarely turned to the Chinese. It’s always been either America or Japan. But it is due to games like Genshin Impact that I changed my bias.

The game is the embodiment of the fact that the Chinese are not much behind America in terms of technological and app-making expertise.

Genshin Impact: Biggest Worldwide Launch of a Chinese Game?
Genshin Impact | Source: Playstation Store

Even before it’s release, Genshin Impact stacked up about 5.3 million preregistrations outside China.

Furthermore, as per The South China Morning Post, the game is already one of the top-grossing national app on Apple App Store only behind the popular video-sharing platform TikTok. 

It is even reported that the developing company miHoYo had a staggering $100 million budget for marketing as well as development.

Not only did it ensure the quality of the game, it also meant that the game was advertised in different parts of the globe.

Blockbuster Hollywood movies like Tenet had a budget of somewhat $200 million. With Genshin Impact investing $100 million, it speaks volumes of how serious the developers are regarding this gacha/ loot box game.

Another thing to be noted is that Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game and will not force users to spend money while playing it.

Players can proceed to the next level without spending on add-ons. So no more sad tears while checking your bank account.

The game not only houses a single-player mode but also allows for multiplayer mode by offering a cross-platform gameplay option.

“Our goal with Genshin Impact is to deliver an immersive open world, combining both single-player and co-op modes to allow you to explore the massive game world with your friends and join together for certain challenges such as boss fights and domains. Which mode you choose is entirely up to you — there are no stages or challenges that can only be completed in co-op mode.”

miHoYo, Developer

Now do yourself a favor and check Genshin Impact out. You really have no excuses given that it is free-to-play. To know more about it, one can go to

Genshin Impact: Biggest Worldwide Launch of a Chinese Game?
Genshin Impact | Source: Playstation Store

About Genshin Impact

Developed and published by miHoYo, Genshin Impact is an action-adventure RPG. It allows for both single-player and multiplayer gameplay. Furthermore, the game supports both cross-platform and cross-save features.

Genshin Impact is full of countless magical characters that will come with their own set of unique skills to kill enemies. Since it is an open-world game that one can explore by several movements like walking, swimming, gliding, and climbing.

The game allows enthusiasts to choose the gender of the playable character. In a quest to find your lost sibling, you will stumble upon other playable characters too who will assist you in unveiling the secrets of the gods of this dynamic world.