Genshin Impact Announces Four-Star Character Lineup for Version 3.3

Genshin Impact Announces Four-Star Character Lineup for Version 3.3

A while ago, a Genshin Impact live stream revealed that the first Character Banner cycle will introduce two anticipated five-star characters– the popular Anemo character Wanderer and the Geo claymore user Arataki Itto. Usually, each Limited Character Banner will include one or two five-star characters and up to three four-star users.

Genshin Impact has confirmed the four-star characters who will feature on the first double banner of Version 3.3.

Only the four-star Anemo bow user, Faruzan, was confirmed in the Special Program. Here’s the list of all four-star characters for upcoming banners:

  1. Wanderer (Anemo Catalyst user)
  2. Arataki Itto (Geo Claymore user)
  3. Faruzan (Anemo Bow user)
  4. Gorou (Geo Bow user)
  5. Yanfei (Pyro Catalyst user)

Players can easily acquire four-star characters since they are granted on every tenth wish according to the 10-wish pity system. However, if you’re aiming for a specific four-star banner, don’t hold your hopes up since the drop odds are divided into three.

Genshin Impact fans are extremely pleased with the character lineup. Now that Wanderer and Faruzan are on the same banner, players can acquire both characters by pulling on the same banner.

Genshin Impact Announces Four-Star Character Lineup for Version 3.3
Genshin Impact | Source: Hoyolab

Faruzan will be a skilled Anemo bow user and a great support character for Wanderer. This could be why both characters are part of the roster.

Players expected Gorou to be featured on the banner alongside Arataki Itto since his kit is based around supporting the Geo user. He is best useful when assisted by other Geo users in his team composition.

Yanfei, on the other hand, is a great Pyro DPS applicator in battle. Some fans even prefer her over the five-star catalyst user Klee, one of the first limited characters to feature in Genshin Impact’s character banners. 

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