Get a Hint of Nostalgia with a the New Retro FPS Dread Templar

Get a Hint of Nostalgia with a the New Retro FPS Dread Templar

Tired of the fast paced first person shooters and nostalgic about the games of the 90’s? Then here’s just the game you might be looking for.

May I present to you: Dread Templar. This retro themed FPS is T19 Games latest creation premising on the whole hell and demons aesthetic. Dread Templar gives you the chance to shoot demons and monsters in the face all while your main object to seek revenge still remains.

Dread Templar, planning for a 2021 release on gaming platform Steam has just released an action packed trailer for this Retro FPS.

Dread Templar - Game Announcement Trailer [Retro FPS]

You can clearly see from the gameplay how the whole hell aesthetic is captured. The player can be seen wielding various guns while grotesque monsters are trying to chase him.

According to the game’s description “You are a Dread Templar who entered Hell seeking revenge”. But in order to get this revenge, you might have to face tons of enemies.

A good example to compare Dread Templar to an old game for you nostalgia lovers out there would be the cult classic retro game DOOM. Dread Templar’s DOOM like playstyle and the option of picking guns and ammos while you move through the level is something to look forward to.

According to its steam page, you will get the chance to equip more than 10 weapons including a Katana. Besides the retro shooting aspect, players will be able to collect Dread Powers and upgrade their skills levels as done in modern styled games.

Dread Templar, previously known as Hell Hunt, started as a demo game on Now, with the game devs being able to secure a publishing company, Dread Templar will soon be available as a full game on Steam.

Although, I still don’t know what a Dread Templar is? The pixilated gameplay and the horror theme is enough to make me put this one into my wishlist.

About Dread Templar

Dread Templar is a new retro-themed first-person shooter (FPS) developed by T 19 Games and published under 1C Entertainment. The game is likely to be released on the gaming platform Steam in 2021.

The game is based on the premise of the player being given the role of a Dread Templar visiting hell for revenge. But, in order to seek revenge, they have to kill various monsters and demons and complete every game level. The game stays true to the retro theme with its pixilated art style and grotesque monsters.

But the game also has an element of modern FPS where the players can upgrade skill levels and weapons with Dread Powers and a selection of 10 different weapons.