Leaks Reveal Gigabyte & AORUS B660 DDR4 & DDR5 Motherboard Lineup

Leaks Reveal Gigabyte & AORUS B660 DDR4 & DDR5 Motherboard Lineup

While the manufacturers do not always welcome leaks, it helps the community know what they can expect to be coming to the markets in the future. After all, gaming can become an expensive hobby, and forewarning on how much money to save for a component can be a blessing. 

The latest leak is major for those looking to do some significant upgrades to their PC gaming rig, as the Gigabyte and AORUS new motherboard lineup have been leaked.

The leak reveals at least 29 variants of the B660 motherboard line in the works, and they will come in both DDR4 and DDR5 options. Twelve of the motherboards revealed will be DDR5 variants, and seventeen models are DDR4 compatible. The lineup is quite extensive and covers the whole spectrum, all the way from the top AORUS Master to entry-level HD3P designs.

Leaks Reveal Gigabyte & AORUS B660 DDR4 & DDR5 Motherboard Lineup
Motherboard List | Source: Twitter

Here is the complete list of all the motherboards you can expect

Gigabyte B660 DDR5 Motherboard

  • B660 AORUS Master
  • B660 Gaming X
  • B660M Gaming XAX
  • B660M Gaming X
  • B660M Gaming AC
  • B660 DS3H AC
  • B660M game
  • B660M DS3H AC CEC
  • B660M D2H
  • B660M HD3P

Gigabyte B660 DDR4 Motherboard

  • B660 AORUS master DDR4
  • B660 Gaming XAX DDR4
  • B660 Gaming XDDR4
  • B660M Gaming XAC DDR4
  • B660M Gaming XDDR4
  • B660M Gaming ACDDR4
  • B660 DS3H AX DDR4
  • B660 DS3H AC DDR4
  • B660 DS3H DDR4
  • B660M Gaming DDR4
  • B660M DS3H AX DDR4
  • B660M DS3H DDR4
  • B660M D3H DDR4
  • B660M D2H DDR4

Along with the motherboard list, REHWK (the leaker) has also leaked the picture of the B660 AORUS Master (DDR5 Variant). It seems to feature a very cost-effective design compared to the Z690 variant. 

The board will ship with a 19 Phase power delivery, powered by an 8+4 connector configuration, features four SATA III ports, four DDR4 DIMM slots, three PCIe x16 slots (1 Gen 4 x16, 2 Gen 3 x4/x1), & a triple M.2 slot array (all covered in Thermal Guard heatsinks).

The motherboard has a reasonable heat sink design and should launch at around $300 US on January 4th. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your rig or want to have a motherboard that supports DDR5 finally, you should keep your eye on AORUS and Gigabyte in the near future.

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