Hark PC Users, God of War System Requirements and New Trailer Revealed

Hark PC Users, God of War System Requirements and New Trailer Revealed

In a move that surprised a lot of the gaming community, Sony has decided to launch some of its most revered exclusives onto the PC. Among the PlayStation characters, jumping platforms is a fan favorite, and the poster child for rage, Kratos from God of War. So, if the question “Will my rig be able to run it?” ever crossed your mind after hearing the news, you finally have your answer, along with a new trailer!

God of War 2018 wove masterful storytelling and incredible gameplay to deliver what was widely regarded as the best game of that year. The title will be available on the platform from January 14th, 2022, and Sony has even released a new trailer to keep the hype train going.

God of War - Features Trailer | PC

With the trailer, the game’s system requirements have also been revealed. As was expected, if you intend to run this game on max settings, you’re going to need quite the beefy rig. Sony has made several upgrades to the PC version of the game, increasing its demand on your system, and announced support for both NVIDIA DLSS and NVIDIA Reflex.

PC users will need a bare minimum of the then mid-range GTX 960 to run the game at 720p 30fps with none of the graphical enhancements included. However, if you want to run the game at ultra settings, you will need to have an RTX 3080 and install the game on an SSD to cut down on load times.

God of War PC Requirements

Minimum (720p, 30fps)Recommended (1080p, 30fps)High (1080p, 60fps)Performance (1440p, 60fps)Ultra (4K, 60fps)
Graphics settingsLowOriginalOriginalHighUltra
GPUNvidia GTX 960 (4GB) or AMD R9 290X (4GB)Nvidia GTX 1060 (6GB) or AMD RX 570 (4GB)Nvidia GTX 1070 (8GB) or AMD RX 5600XT (6GB)Nvidia GTX 2070 (8GB) or AMD RX 5700XT (8GB)Nvidia GTX 3080 (10GB) or AMD RX 6800XT (16GB)
CPUIntel Core i5 2500k (4 core 3.3Ghz) or AMD Ryzen 3 1200 (4 core 3.1Ghz)Intel Core i5 6600k (4 core 3.5Ghz) or AMD Ryzen 5 2400G (4 core 3.6Ghz)Intel Core i7 4770k (4 core 3.5Ghz) or AMD Ryzen 7 2700 (8 core 3.2Ghz)Intel Core i7 7700K (4 core 4.2Ghz) or AMD Ryzen 7 3700X (8 core 3.6Ghz)Intel Core i9 9900K (8 core 3.6Ghz) or AMD Ryzen 9 3950X (16 core 3.5Ghz)

According to the trailer, we will get Kratos and Atreus romping through the Norse mythological realms in smooth 60fps at 4K resolution. There will also be higher resolution shadows and more detailed screen-space reflections. The most significant boosts in performance will come from NVIDIA’s DLSS tech.

Hark PC Users, God of War System Requirements & New Trailer Revealed
God of War | Source: PlayStation

God of War will be available through the Epic Game Store and Steam. Players who purchase the title will also be getting some extra goodies:

  • Death’s Vow Armor Sets for Kratos and Atreus
  • Exile’s Guardian Shield Skin
  • Buckler of the Forge Shield Skin
  • Shining Elven Soul Shield Skin
  • Dökkenshieldr Shield Skin

So, if you have been longing for a Norse adventure and a particular Assassin franchise just isn’t scratching that itch, get ready for a gaming experience you won’t soon forget.

About God of War(2018)

Developed by Santa Monica Studios, God of War is a single-player action-adventure game. Unlike the previous installments of the franchise that deals with Greek mythology, this installment is set in Norse lore.

Before dying, Kratos’ second wife’s last wish is for her to be cremated at the highest peak of the nine realms. Therefore, with his son, Atreus, Kratos embarks on a difficult journey teeming with monsters and gods to fulfill his wife’s final request.