GTA Online Weekly Updates: September 3rd 2020

GTA Online Weekly Updates: September 3rd 2020

Good news for all the grinders out there. This week in GTA online will be very profitable since Special Cargo is on Double Money and RP alongside the usual adversary modes.

For the vehicle collectors out there, this week is not that promising because it seems Rockstar is hell-bent on pushing the same classic sports vehicles for the third week straight.

However, there are some Warstock vehicles on sale this week. For a comprehensive list of new content and discounts this week, read on.

1. New Content

2. Bonus GTA$ and RP Activities

GTA Online Weekly Update
Podium Vehicle: Maibatsu Penumbra FF | Source: Fandom

The following activities are all on double money and RP this week, so players looking to load up on cash should get grinding.

It is recommended to have two CEO crate warehouses to avoid cooldowns in sourcing and maximizing profit. Suppose you own a TerrorByte, park it between the warehouses, and save going to your CEO office.

The adversary modes are not as profitable but are fun nonetheless, so get your gang together for a shootout at the Diamond Casino and Resort.

3. Discounted Content

Most of this week’s discounted vehicles are the same for the past two weeks with some new additions from Warstock and Legendary Motorsports.

4. Twitch Prime Bonuses

If you have connected your twitch account with Rockstar’s Social Club and are a subscriber to Twitch Prime, you will be getting two highly discounted items this week.

GTA Online Weekly Update
Grand Theft Auto Online Gunrunning | Source: Fandom

5. Time Trial

Lane Vinewood Estates, Par time of 1m26s

GTA 5 Time Trial This Week Lake Vinewood Estates | GTA ONLINE WEEKLY TIME TRIAL LAKE VINEWOOD

6. RC Bandito Time Trial

Davis Quartz, Par time of 1m32s

GTA Online RC Bandito Time Trial - Davis Quartz [Under Par Time]

7. Premium Race

Congestion Charge

GTA 5 Premium Race This Week - Congestion Charge | GTA ONLINE WEEKLY PREMIUM RACE GUIDE (Triple RP)

I think this week’s bonus business is worth grinding for and some of the discounted content is worth getting if you don’t own it already.

Rockstar usually puts high earning businesses on Double RP & $ when they are planning to give high-value items on discount, the next coming weeks. So, ready your Maze Bank accounts.