This Son of Jorvik Quest: Does Halfdan Know the Truth? – AC Valhalla

This Son of Jorvik Quest: Does Halfdan Know the Truth? – AC Valhalla

Among many of the main story quests in AC Valhalla, the This Son of Jorvik quest in particular, lies in the Eurvicscire region of the map. You will find this quest immediately after completion of the Road to Hamartia one. Although, “This Son of Jorvik” mission is one of the easier missions in the game, the Halfdan choice is where most of you must be stuck at. If you’re struggling to choose the right option for this mission then I have the perfect solution for you.

The quest will immediately start while Eivor is still at Donecaestre. After speaking to Halfdan, a mission marker will prompt Eivor to reach Faravid’s camp in Wolds. Speaking to Faravid will officially start a cutscene and trigger the next step of the mission.

If you do not know what to do in this mission, then let’s take a look.

1. This Son of Jorvik Quest in AC Valhalla

This Son of Jorvik Quest: Does Halfdan Know the Truth? - AC Valhalla
Faravid in Wolds

This Son of Jorvik quest is about Faravid asking for Eivor’s help in proving his utmost loyalty towards Halfdan. After approaching Faravid in Wolds, he will challenge Eivor to a drunken race to Jorvik. (It does not matter if you drink the ale, or appear first in the race, since it will not have any consequences.)

Just a tip- Try to stick as close to Faravid as possible during the race, otherwise there is a chance of getting lost on the road.

This Son of Jorvik Quest: Does Halfdan Know the Truth? - AC Valhalla
King Ricsige

Then players must make their way to King Ricsige’s Royal Hall and convince him to join hands to fight the North. King Ricsige is quite skeptical about the situation and asks for a written decree from Halfdan asking for King Ricsige’s aid.

At this point players will have to choose a dialogue of either Halfdan knowing about this plan or not. Your choice will continue the story forward.

2. Halfdan Knows or Not Choice?

This Son of Jorvik Quest: Does Halfdan Know the Truth? - AC Valhalla
Halfdan Knows or Not Choice

While trying to convince King Ricsige to aid with his men to fight the North, Eivor and Faravid are asked for a decree from Halfdan stating his need for King Ricsige’s men for the fight. This is where the choice dialogue appears.

Although, Faravid asks Eivor to lie to King Ricsige about Halfdan knowing the truth, it is completely up to you to decide if you want to lie or not.

i. Choosing Halfdan Knows

Choosing Halfdan knows, Eivor will lie to King Ricsige about Halfdan knowing about Faravid’s plan to include King Ricsige’s army in battle, but King Ricsige asks for a legal document from Halfdan before joining.

You have to forge some documents and present it to Ricsige to move the plan forward.

ii. Choosing Halfdan Does Not Know

Choosing Halfdan does not know, Eivor will tell the truth about Halfdan to King Ricsige but Faravid will immediately say that Halfdan does know the truth. The rest of the scenario will plan out the same way and King Ricsige will ask for a legal document claiming his help.

Players can choose any of the options since both have the same results and no consequences are noted. I decided to choose “Halfdan does not know” since I wanted Eivor to always be a truthful person. Eivor vows to be the great leader leading the Raven clan, and always speaking the truth is one the main virtues of a great leader. So, I suggest you to choose the “Halfdan does not know” option and continue Eivor’s path on utter truthfulness and sheer bravery.

This Son of Jorvik Quest: Does Halfdan Know the Truth? - AC Valhalla
Asking for Hjorr’s Help in Forging Documents

After choosing the option, you will have to make your way to Hjorr, fight some people outside of the alehouse and then request Hjorr to forge the documents. Once Hjorr is done, he will stand in front of the Royal Hall to hand over the papers.

This Son of Jorvik Quest: Does Halfdan Know the Truth? - AC Valhalla
Eivor’s Loyalty

Handing over the documents, King Ricsige will be convinced and asks about Eivor’s loyalty. You can choose whichever dialogue you prefer since none of them bear any consequences.

Once the cutscene is done, the quest will successfully come to an end and you can move on with the story and continue with the Eurvicscire arc.

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3. About Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

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