Weapons, Vehicle and Mast Chief Info Revealed in Halo Infinite Leak

Weapons, Vehicle and Mast Chief Info Revealed in Halo Infinite Leak

As we get closer to witnessing the launch of Halo Infinite, information leaks are becoming more frequent. The latest one has revealed information about the weapons and vehicles and has also stated that Master Chief will be customizable and part of the multiplayer game.

Thousands of fans have been hyped for the latest installment in the Halo franchise, and everyone is hoping it sticks to its scheduled end-of-2021 release window. The game was initially supposed to launch with the Xbox Series X|S, but, as with many games over the past year and a half, it too was delayed.

But recently, we have been getting information that Halo Infinite is all ready to hit the shelves very soon. The most recent unofficial news comes from NewHaloLeaks on Twitter that has, if true, bought forward a lot of important information. We now have a list of all the weapons and vehicles that will be included in the game and a list of multiplayer modes.


As has already been pointed out by some dissatisfied Halo fans, the list is anything but exhaustive. There has been no mention of the Mantis, which is surprising as it had made it onto the poster of Free Guy earlier this month. No boats or Pelicans have been mentioned either.

Keep in mind the list might only be ready for launch with more being added later or could simply be incomplete at this point.

Along with the list of weapons and vehicles, we have also received interesting information regarding Master Chief. Not only will the leading Spartan be playable in Infinite’s multiplayer, but he might also be customizable.

The multiplayer version of Chief has different textures on his armor than the campaign version, which means you may be able to make your unique Master Chief for online play.

We don’t know yet by when we’ll get confirmation of all this information, as we don’t even have a confirmed release date for the game yet.

Weapons, Vehicle & Mast Chief Info Revealed in Halo Infinite Leak
Halo Infinite | Source: Fandom

343 Industries has said they will be running a second technical preview before the final launch. While the date of the preview has yet to be announced, it will include Infinite’s 4v4 and big team battles.

About Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is an upcoming first-person shooter game developed by 343 Industries and published by Xbox Game Studios.

It is the sixth entry in the series and serves as a re-imagining of the franchise, with new features, mechanics and gameplay elements. As for the story, it is going to be a direct continuation of Master Chief’s story from Halo 5: Guardians, in his “greatest adventure yet to save humanity!”

The game was originally cited to be released alongside the upcoming Xbox Series consoles but has since been delayed to 2021.