Hitman 3: Guide to Carry Over Saves from Hitman 2

Hitman 3: Guide to Carry Over Saves from Hitman 2

Hitman 3 continues the tradition of allowing players to load saves from the previous Hitman titles, but this time around, you need to do a little more legwork.

The new release of Hitman 3 is both celebrated as well as has a sour point. Players are happy with the new levels and how the studio has built up on top of the already established stealth assassin formula. Still, at the same time, the online-only connectivity has been a downside for many. Yet, before you start Hitman 3, it would be a good idea to import your game saves and rewards.

1. What Can be Imported to Hitman 3?

IOI Interactive has made it perfectly clear the stats that players can import to Hitman 3 from previous titles. If you are porting progress from Hitman 2 to Hitman 3 then the following will be imported:

  • Player profile
  • Lifetime XP
  • Location mastery levels
  • Location mastery unlocks
  • Challenge progress
  • Challenge unlocks
  • Elusive Target suits

The actual saves themselves are not imported but since the progress in Hitman is tracked basically in terms of unlocks and XP, these will be all the items you need to carry over.

2. How to Import Hitman 2 Progress in Hitman 3?

Importing Hitman 2 saves is pretty easy in Hitman 3 as long as you own the previous titles and follow the steps.

i. Register at IOI’s Official Website

You must have a steam account as well as Origin and maybe an Epic account too (All those giveaways!). As the tradition goes, you need to have an account with IOI too, if you want to play in their playground! Head over to the Official IOI website and get yourselves a new account to start the carryover process.

ii. Link Your Gaming Accounts

Now you need to register your previous title so that IOI can verify that you have indeed bought Hitman 2 or other Hitman titles. If it is already registered on your IOI profile then skip ahead, else link your account such as Steam, Epic, Origin in your profile.

iii. Start the Carry Over Process for Hitman 3

Hitman 3_ Guide to Carry Over Saves from Hitman 2
Start the Carry Over Process for Hitman 3 | Source: IOI Interactive

Now begins the actual process of porting over your unlocked rewards and XP. Head over to the dedicated Official Carry Over Website. Log in with your IOI account from Step 1 and follow the onscreen instructions to get your new Hitman 3 Set up.

Hitman 3: Guide to Carry Over Saves from Hitman 2
IOI Interactive | Source: IOI Interactive

That’s it! Your unlocks and rewards have been ported over to Hitman 3. IOI Interactive has made it pretty straightforward for new players to port previous progress, but it doesn’t mean that many have been successful at the same.

3. How to Fix Hitman 3 Carry Over Website Login Issues?

Even though IOI has set up a dedicated platform for users to port their saves and unlocks, many users have flocked to the website and are now facing issues.

The official carry over website for Hitman 3 is under heavy load as many users have registered for importing their Hitman 2 saves. IOI is aware of the login issues and are on top of it. Wait a while before trying again!

4. About Hitman 3

Developed by IO Interactive, Hitman 3 is a single-player stealth game. Playing as genetically-modified Agent 47, you will be required to take down the leaders of Providence. It is an evil organization that operates in the dark and influences how the world works.

The game will take you to many new locations like Dubai, Berlin, Dartmoor, Chongqin, Mendoza, and Romania to take down the sinister organization. Each mission will serve back-breaking challenges.

With danger looming from every corner, it is only Agent 47 who can restore normalcy in the world.