Holiday Sale 2020: Epic Set To Offer Mind Blowing Deals

Holiday Sale 2020: Epic Set To Offer Mind Blowing Deals

From up to 75 percent discounts to giveaways, Epic’s Holiday Sale 2020 is here to help you try out a wide range of games for cheap. Sales like these light the Holiday Season up. The sale commenced on 17 December and is still on.

Announcing the sale, Epic said, “The Epic Games Store Holiday Sale begins on 17 December, and we’ve got some goodies in store for you. Unwrap deals up to 75 percent off, ”

The best part of this sale? Everyday Epic will offer a game for free. Introducing “15 Days of Free Games”, players will be able to try a new game out of 15 games every day, without spending a dime. Once you install them, they’re all yours.

Holiday Sale 2020: Epic Set To Offer Mind Blowing Deals
Epic Game Store | Source: Epic Games

In order to get the most out of this festive sale, you don’t need to do an awful lot. All you need is an email and password to make an account on Epic. Complete your registration using 2FA and explore the gaming world of Epic. Simple, isn’t it?

It would be best if you didn’t miss out on this opportunity. Epic is offering you up to 75 percent discount on many games, daily giveaways, and $10 coupons.

Here are some of the popular games that are available on the Epic Game Store at a discounted rate:

About Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store debuted in 2018 for both the Windows and Mac OS. Epic Games offers both a website as well as a standalone launcher. The launcher is mandatory to play games bought on Epic Games Store.

The launch was boosted with the sheer amount of free giveaways by Epic. Notably, big titles such as GTA V, Sub Nautica, among others, were given for free to attract a user base. This was further extended to securing exclusive rights to future AAA releases.