Far Cry 6 – Unlock the Wingsuit and Wreak Havoc in Style

Far Cry 6 – Unlock the Wingsuit and Wreak Havoc in Style

As you continue to clear FND bases, eliminate enemies, and wreak havoc in Far Cry 6 – you might come across a realization of sorts. As fun and liberating as it may be to do all those things that I’ve just mentioned, getting from one point to the other might start to feel like an absolute chore. 

To that, I say, let’s make traveling across Yara fun too then – it’s time to unlock the wingsuit in Far Cry 6. The wingsuit gives Dani the ability to Air Drop and glide to different locations across the map. 

Not to mention, it’s just a ton of fun to crash your way into a place with style and do your usual Far Cry stuff – what’s there to dislike about this thing? 

However, that brings us to the main question at hand – how do you get the wingsuit in Far Cry 6? 

To obtain the wingsuit in Far Cry 6, players need to complete the game’s first few operations to access the Guerrilla Camp. Once you’ve unlocked the Guerrilla Camp, build the Hideout Network from the Construction desk that, in turn, will give players access to Dani’s wingsuit. 

Far Cry 6 – Unlock the Wingsuit and Wreak Havoc in Style
Guerrilla Camp

As I’ve mentioned above, the wingsuit is a ton of fun and would make traveling around Yara better and a whole lot safer (provided there aren’t any anti-air guns around – that would be really bad for you). Of course, there’s also the question of how to use the winguit and in the best way possible. 

We’ll answer that in time – for now, let’s take a hot minute to discuss how to grab the wingsuit a little more in detail. 

How do you get the wingsuit in Far Cry 6? 

So, as I’ve mentioned above, Dani can obtain the wingsuit once they have unlocked their first Guerilla Camp in the game. To do so, you need to complete a couple of steps first: 

  • Firstly, complete all your operations on Isla Santuario (the game’s starting area – this means completing the prologue).  
  • Once you’re done with the missions, you need to find Clara to get the next set of Operations. 
  • Now, you need to complete “Meet the Monteros,” “Meet Maximas Matanzas,” or “Meet the Legends” – whichever one you prefer to go to first. 
  • Once you complete any of these three ops, you’ll gain access to your first Guerilla camp in the game. 
Far Cry 6 – Unlock the Wingsuit and Wreak Havoc in Style
Meet The Monteros

Now that you have access to a Guerilla Camp, all that’s left to do is to head over to the construction desk. You can track it by a symbol of a green icon with a hammer on the minimap. With it, you need to build a Hideout Network. 

Far Cry 6 – Unlock the Wingsuit and Wreak Havoc in Style
Construction Desk

It is imperative to know that since there are three Guerilla camps available to Dani in Yara, you can only build a facility twice – this means that if you take the next step, you won’t be able to get the Hideout Network in one of the other two camps. 

Now, to build yourself a Hideout Network, you going to need 30 Metal and 30 Gasolina. I recommend obtaining the metals by either farming them at FND bases or by hijacking convoys across Yara. It’s fairly easy to do once you know where to look for them. 

Anyway, once you’ve got the right materials, the last step is to simply go ahead and unlock the Hideout Network – this will automatically unlock the wingsuit for Dani. 

Now that you’ve got the wingsuit, it’s time to go all Batman-mode around Yara. But, how do you fly around all of Yara with the wingsuit? Well, let’s find out. 

How do you fly with a wingsuit in Far Cry 6? 

It’s actually fairly easy to use the wingsuit in Far Cry 6. With it, players can air drop their way to liberated FND bases, Checkpoints, and Guerrilla Hideouts. To do so, click on the blue icons present throughout the world map and select Air Drop instead of Fast Travel. 

Once airborne, you can control Dani’s air time by pressing Shift/L3 to activate the wingsuit and pushing forward to ascend and back to descend. 

Apart from that, always remember to activate the wingsuit the moment you jump off any high structure in the game and use the parachute when approaching the ground unless you wish to take fall damage, or worse, fall to your death. 

The last piece of advice that I can give is to not glide your way into Esperanza – trust me, it will not end well. 

But, that’s all from my side. Now that you’ve hopefully obtained the wingsuit in Far Cry 6 – it’s time to fly in and wreak havoc all throughout Yara. 

About Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 is the latest insallment in the Far Cry series developed and published by Ubisoft. The game is an open-world, first-person action adventure title, and is set for a 2021 release.

Players will take control of Dani Rojas, a freedom fighting guerrilla, who is trying to overthrow the local dictator Anton Castillo. Far Cry 6 is based on the fictional island of Yara, and has been called the largest map of any Far Cry game yet. Players will have access to a variety of hand-made weapons and local vehicles in their fight against the forces of Castillo.