Fortnite: How Much Should You Play The Game Everyday?

Fortnite: How Much Should You Play The Game Everyday?

Like every other battle royale game, Fortnite has a ton of content that you can dive into. And being a battle royale game means you have to put some hours into the game, whether it’s just playing with your friends or whether you’re grinding the Battle Pass.  

But the inevitable question arises. How long should you actually play Fortnite? While there’s no definitive answer to that question, I’ll try my best to answer it and some more questions related to it. Let’s dive in.  

How long should you play Fortnite in a day? 

There’s no definitive answer to this question since it’s all up to you how you want to play the game. 

On average, you should play the game for 1-2 hours everyday if you love playing it but you can play as much as you want as long as it’s not excessive. But there are two measurements through which we can determine how much you should actually play the game daily. 

Depending on these measurements, we can come to some kind of an answer to the question. Take a look below.  

I. Playing for Fun 

Fortnite: How Much Should You Play The Game Everyday?
Playing Fortnite for Fun

A lot of the Fortnite players play the game for just having fun with friends or playing solo. If that is your aim for playing Fortnite, then you don’t need to spend too much time on the game.  

If you just want to play some matches with your friend or want to play solo for fun, then I think 2-3 hours a day is a good time for enjoying the game and having fun.  

II. Grinding the Battle Pass 

Fortnite: How Much Should You Play The Game Everyday?

When you play Fortnite, it’s hard not to grind the battle pass since it has so many skins and other cosmetics in it along with V-Bucks too. Even if you want to grind the battle pass, it’s not necessary to devote a lot of time in the game.  

If your goal is to reach Tier-100 in the Battle Pass, then you don’t have to play for hours. Playing 2-2.5 hours everyday while doing the Daily Quests, Weekly Quests which give you XP to level up in the Battle Pass can easily take you to 100 in a month or so.  

But if you really want to reach Tier-100 very quickly then you might just play the game for like 4-6 hours daily, but I don’t recommend that. Or you can just buy 100 Tiers if you’re wealthy enough.  

Now, let us jump in to some other related questions, the answer to which you might be wondering.  

How to know how much you’ve played Fortnite for? 

There are some methods to see how much you’ve played Fortnite for which depends on the device that you’re using.  

Fortnite: How Much Should You Play The Game Everyday?
Fortnite | Source: Epic Games

I. Epic Games Launcher 

If you’re playing the game on PC and launching the game from Epic Games Launcher then all you need to do is go to Fortnite in your library in the Launcher, click the three-dot menu below it. In the dialog box, you’ll see the exact amount of time you’ve played to the right of You’ve Played.  

II. Third Party Websites 

The PS4 doesn’t let you check your playtime unlike Xbox One, PS5 and the Switch. But there are plenty of third party websites that let you check your Fortnite playtime.  

Websites like FortniteTracker, FortniteStats, and FortniteScout let you check your playtime and other stats. All you need to do is enter your Fortnite username and the website will display your playtime and other stats like Matches Played, Matches Won etc. 

How much Fortnite do pros play?  

Fortnite: How Much Should You Play The Game Everyday?

Fortnite pros play the game consistently at least for 4-8 hours a day. You don’t necessarily need to play that long to become a professional Fortnite player but it’ll take a while before you get good at Fortnite.  

Since pros tend to play FNCS (Fortnite Champion Series) and Arena, they have to play Fortnite for hours to perfect their skills so as to compete in these championships. Naturally, they have to play the game for more hours than an average player. 

Becoming a pro in Fortnite isn’t easy, but with enough dedication and practice, anyone can become a professional Fortnite player if they want. 

About Fortnite

Developed by Epic Games, Fortnite is an online multiplayer survival and battle royale video game. It is accessible on platforms like Microsoft Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

It features a total of 3 games mode; a 100-player battle royale mode, a zombie tower-defense mode, and a creative mode to let you spread your creative wings in the game!

The game will be releasing soon on PlayStation 5 and Xbox One Series consoles as well.