The Legend of Lugh Full Mission Guide – River Raids- AC Valhalla

The Legend of Lugh Full Mission Guide – River Raids- AC Valhalla

When we thought the River Raids were over, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla finally added some new content to the River Raids DLCs. After successfully completing the Saint George quests in the River Raids, players will now be able to unlock a new questline called The Saga of Lugh. So, not only do you have a purpose of sailing the waters again, but you also have new gears and loot to discover amongst the ruins.

The very first quest in The Saga of Lugh, called The Legend of Lugh, starts immediately after you’ve completed the Saint George’s missions. You will notice that the River Raids update has added two new rivers: River Berbha, and River Erriff, to the map. So, head to the docks to start the missions once again.

The Saga of Lugh in AC Valhalla

The Legend of Lugh Full Mission Guide – River Raids- AC Valhalla
Legend of Lugh

The Saga of Lugh is the new set of missions assigned to Eivor in the River Raids DLC. Upon approaching Vagn, he will inform Eivor of Lugh’s Legend and ask to recover his lost set of gear.

The missions in the Saga of Lugh are:

  • The Legend of Lugh
  • Treasures of River Berbha
  • Treasures of River Erriff
  • The Spear of Lugh

This questline will also unlock the ability to upgrade your Jomsviking Hall to a level 4 and 5. The longship’s storage capacity will also be upgraded, and the power level for The Saga of Lugh will also be matched to be just a bit higher than your current power level in the game.

The Legend of Lugh Mission Location in AC Valhalla

The Legend of Lugh Full Mission Guide – River Raids- AC Valhalla
River Berbha Map

Players first need to talk to Vagn near the Ravensthorpe docks to start the Legend of Lugh mission in AC Valhalla. Vagn will tell the story of the Lugh and the scattered pieces of armor, and this will unlock the river Berbha raids.

The mission will then instruct Eivor to search for Lugh’s Myth Clue during the raid of river Berbha. The raid also completes a part of the Treasures of Berbha quest.

The clue can be found in a particular druid location, so make sure you search everything properly. If you’re struggling to figure out the location of the clue, here’s the exact location.

How to Complete The Legend of Lugh Mission in AC Valhalla?

The Legend of Lugh Full Mission Guide – River Raids- AC Valhalla
Searching for the Lugh’s Myth Clue

To complete The Legend of Lugh mission in AC Valhalla, players first need to talk to Vagn and start the river Berbha raid. Then, while raiding, a hint will suggest that the Lugh’s Myth clue can be found in a druids location.

The Legend of Lugh Full Mission Guide – River Raids- AC Valhalla
Lugh’s Myth Clue Location

This Lugh’s Myth can be found at the Wicker Grove druids located on the northwestern side of Berbha River. The clue is inside a cave which can be easily spotted with Odin’s Sight.

Just a tip – Druid locations are usually marked as small bonfires on the map. So, you can locate them quickly on the river raids map. Also, make sure to clear any enemies trying to attack in that location before searching for the clue.

With the clue found, the mission will be completed, and you can move on to the next quest to find all the Lugh’s armor pieces spread throughout the River Raids map.

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