Get Ready to Ride Those Giant Furballs with Valheim’s New Lox Saddle!

Get Ready to Ride Those Giant Furballs with Valheim’s New Lox Saddle!

It’s been quite a bit of time since Valheim first launched in February 2021. So, what’s Steam users’ favorite game up to these days? Well, for starters, it has finally launched the Hearths and Homes update many Valheim lovers had been keeping their eyes peeled for. And with that, custom build enthusiasts are diving into the world of Vikings and constructing their dream homes again.

But two things, in particular, are on everyone’s bucket list right now, i.e., making the lox saddle and using it to ride those giant Lox. But riding those big boys isn’t as easy as it looks. You need to first tame them, saddle them up, and then you’ll get to ride them. Confused about how to do everything? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about taming and riding giant Lox.

Spotting a Lox in the Plains Biome in Valheim

Get Ready to Ride Those Giant Furballs With Valheim’s New Lox Saddle!
Plains Biome

Loxes can only be found in the Plains Biome of Valheim’s map. However, they are pretty easy to spot due to their ginormous size. Loxes are rather hostile creatures but can be tamed and saddled.

Do keep in mind that the Plains Biome is one of the hardest biomes in Valheim. The enemies are stronger than the Meadows, and the final boss also appears randomly amidst the Plains. So, it would be best if you had strong armor and weapons when you venture out.

How to Tame a Lox?

Get Ready to Ride Those Giant Furballs With Valheim’s New Lox Saddle!

To tame a Lox, players need to feed it Barley, Cloudberries, or Flax at intervals till it is fully tamed. Since Lox are usually blind and hard of hearing, you’ll be able to sneak up to it without agitating it.

Cloudberries, Barley, and Flax can be found throughout the plains biome. Keep an eye out for Fuling Villages as those contain the most amounts of Flax and Barley.

After you’ve fed the food, you can approach it again to see when the next feeding time might be. Hearts around the animal will indicate that it’s tamed or being tamed.

How to Make the Lox Saddle?

Get Ready to Ride Those Giant Furballs With Valheim’s New Lox Saddle!
Lox Saddle

Lox Saddles can only be crafted after you’ve defeated the Mountains Biome boss Moder. So, if you haven’t defeated that dragon-like creature, I’d suggest you do it first before trying to craft the saddle.

After defeating the Moder boss, it will drop ten dragon tears which you need to craft the Artisan Table. The Artisan Table will then unlock the Blast Furnace, and Spinning Wheel required to prepare the saddle.

Here’s everything you need for the Lox Saddle:

Item Ingredients Where to Find Them
Lox Saddle20x Leather Scraps Collected by slaying boars
20x Linen ThreadsMade by Flax processed in Spinning Wheel
15 Black Metals Made by combining coal and black metal scraps in Blast Furnace

How to Ride the Giant Lox in Valheim?

Get Ready to Ride Those Giant Furballs With Valheim’s New Lox Saddle!
Riding a Lox

Now that you have your Lox Saddle and a tamed Lox, you can finally ride the beast and take it around for a slow and steady ride.

To ride the giant Lox, place the saddle on your item hotkey bar and press the number associated with it when close to the Lox. This will put the saddle on the Lox, and you just have to look at the saddle and click on it to ride.

Riding is precisely like walking; your Lox will move forward if you press the forward key and go to the side when you tell it to. The only downside of riding a giant animal is that you can’t equip your weapons while riding.

Other than that, your big transportation is pretty much a tank compared to other small enemies, so you don’t have to worry about being targeted by them.

Your Lox will also display its mood and health bar, so keep that in mind and keep it happy and healthy all the time!

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