Hogwarts Legacy: Guide for Solving ‘A Bird in The Hand’ Ruins Puzzle

Hogwarts Legacy: Guide for Solving ‘A Bird in The Hand’ Ruins Puzzle

“A Bird in The Hand” is the eighth relationship quest in Poppy Sweeting’s storyline that requires you to rescue the Snidgets, endangered bird-like creatures that inspired the Golden Snitch.

Poppy Sweeting is a student you can meet in Professor Howin’s class after completing Professor Rackham’s Trial. After meeting Poppy, you can expect to receive owls from her frequently, asking you to join her on quests involving saving magical creatures from extinction. 

Most players agree that the “A Bird in The Hand” Quest is the trickiest out of all of Poppy’s Quests, especially the Light and Shadow Puzzle leading to the Ruins at The Gilded Perch.

If you’re stuck at this puzzle, here are instructions on how to solve it and enter the ruins.

How to Solve the Puzzle

To start the Quest, you will first need to find a certain moonstone from a cave whose location you will learn from the centaur Dorran. After this, follow Dorran’s instructions to deliver it to the henge that will tell you the location of the Snidgets.

As we already know, the location is the Ruins at The Gilded Perch.

Hogwarts Legacy: Guide to Solving A Bird in The Hand Ruins Puzzle
Moonstone in Central Structure

Once you reach there, you will see a central structure and two pillars in front of the Ruins door. Place the moonstone you just collected in the central structure. This will illuminate the light on the two pillars placed in circles around it.

The light from the pillars will cast shadows through the central structure, thus making it appear like a moon dial.

How to Enter the Ruins

Now if you look at the arched entrance of the Ruins, you will see two symbols glowing. What you need to do next is find the same symbols on the ground, around the central structure.

Hogwarts Legacy: Guide to Solving A Bird in The Hand Ruins Puzzle
Ruins Door

Arrange the pillars in such a way that the outer pillar casts a shadow on the first symbol from the left and the inner pillar casts a show on the second symbol i.e., place them directly opposite to the symbols. You can use Accio to do this.

Also note that you might encounter some spiders while trying to solve the puzzle so be prepared to fight them off.

After you have moved the pillars in their respective circles, the door to the Ruins will unlock and you can go inside.

What to do after this?

After you enter the ruins, you will have to solve another puzzle leading to a second doorway. This puzzle involves a fire and an ice symbol, and it requires you to cast Incendio and Glacius after finding the cubes for the respective symbols.

The doorway will open and lead you straight to the Snidgets. With Poppy and Dorran’s help, fight off the poachers and rescue the Snidgets. You have now completed the Quest!

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