How To Get God Of War Kratos Skin In Fortnite?

How To Get God Of War Kratos Skin In Fortnite?

Now players can play as Kratos from God of War in Fortnite. Fortnite players can buy the Kratos skin from Fortnite Store to have their in-game character as Kratos.

Sony just unveiled that one of the most iconic and exclusive game characters, Kratos, will now be playable in Fortnite. Players can buy the Kratos skin from the Fornite store and play as the God of War protagonist in the battle royale game.

How to Buy The God Of War Kratos Skin in Fortnite?

Even though God of War is a Playstation exclusive title, the Kratos skin released by Sony for Fortnite can be purchased across all platforms. The skin is available in the Fortnite store to be purchased on its own or be brought in a bundle.

Fortnite - New Kratos Set | PS5, PS4

The God of War Kratos skin in Fortnite is available to buy on the Fortnite Store. The Kratos skin and the Mimir back bling can be bought for 1,500 V Bucks, the in-game currency. The skin is also available as part of a bundle containing the skin, Mimir back bling, and the Leviathan Axe pickaxe for 2,200 V Bucks.

How to Get the Hidden PS5 Kratos Fortnite Skin?

The standard Kratos skin is available for everyone to buy on all platforms, but if you are a Playstation 5 Fortnite player, Sony has a hidden surprise for you. Fortnite Players on PS 5 will get an exclusive armored Kratos skin since God of War is a PS exclusive after all.

How To Get God Of War Kratos Skin in Fortnite?
Armoured Kratos PS5 Exclusive Fortnite Skin

Fortnite Players on PS5 will get an exclusive armored Kratos skin when purchasing the standard Kratos skin in-game. To unlock the Armoured Kratos skin play a match of Fortnite using the new standard Kratos skin.

The armored style of the default Kratos skin looks quite distinguished and better, in my opinion. If you were one of the lucky ones to snag a PS5, you should unlock the exclusive reward. The armored skin will set you apart from the rest of the lobby for sure.

Will Fortnite Add More Game Character Skins?

There are multiple speculations and rumors that Epic will be adding more iconic game characters from other games to Fortnite. It will be nostalgic to see Gordan Freeman pop up in the battle royale mode, but that might not be on EPic’s radar.

Fortnite might add more game character skins from other popular games, but at this point, no information about the skins have been released. Master Chief from the Halo series by Microsoft is one strong candidate to be featured in Fortnite.

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It features a total of 3 games mode; a 100-player battle royale mode, a zombie tower-defense mode, and a creative mode to let you spread your creative wings in the game!

The game will be releasing soon on PlayStation 5 and Xbox One Series consoles as well.