How to Get Holmegaard Bow in AC Valhalla?

How to Get Holmegaard Bow in AC Valhalla?

Belonging to the Raven Skill Tree, Holmegaard Bow in AC Valhalla is a two-handed weapon to kill your foes from long-range. Apart from its ability to annihilate enemies from far out, the Holmegaard Bow sports a unique design that helps it stand out.

It must be kept in mind that Holmegaard Bow is a two-handed weapon. For wielding a two-handed weapon, you would be requiring the Heavy Dual Wield Active skill.

1. Obtaining Holmegaard Bow in AC Valhalla:

How to Get Holmegaard Bow in AC Valhalla?
Holmegaard Bow | Source: Vulkk

It must be kept in mind that the only way to obtain Holmegaard Bow is to purchase it through in-game microtransaction. Players will have to spend 350H to get their hands on this Mythical tier Predator Bow.

2. Stats and Perks of Holmegaard Bow in AC Valhalla:

i. Stats:


ii. Perks:

  • Consuming a ration temporarily increases Critical Chance.
  • Duration: 5s
  • Bonus: +15.0 Critical Chance

3. How to get Helix Credits in AC Valhalla?

To purchase Helix Credits, players will have to spend real-life money via microtransactions.


Go to the game store of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and select the Helix Credit pack of your choice. As a result, you will be able to see the packs being offered.

Currently, these are the followings Helix Credit packs available:

  • Base Pack – $5.99 – 500 Helix Credits
  • Small Pack – $9.99 – 1,050 Helix Credits
  • Medium Pack – $19.99 – 2,300 Helix Credits
  • Large Pack – $34.99 – 4,200 Helix Credits
  • Extra Large Pack – $49.99 – 6,600 Helix Credits

4. Should You Buy the Holmegaard Bow in AC Valhalla?

The stats and perks that Holmegaard Bow offers in AC Valhalla are not worth spending your real money on. Rather than spending real money or even opals, it’s better to upgrade low gears into the mythical level. All you have to do is collect ingots in a sprawling AC Valhalla map. Consequently, you will be able to revamp your bows and other gear.

It’s better to save money, upgrade other bows while exploring the game to the fullest. This way, you will get to go into the depths of the Viking world, enjoying immersive gameplay. Plus, seeing your gear evolve through sheer dedication and hard work, well, nothing beats that feeling.

5. About Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Developed and Published by Ubisoft, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the latest instalment in the Assasin’s Creed series launched in November 2020. The action-adventure, role-playing video game is available to play on Playstation 5/4, Xbox One/ Series X/S and PC.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla takes players back to the Vikings’ glory days around the 9th century through the eyes of a Viking invader from Norway named Eivor. By playing as Eivor, gamers must represent the clan and help fellow warriors in the battle against Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms. The game brims with phenomenal main quests along with noteworthy side quests. AC Valhalla will also embrace many new features like dual-wielding of various weapons and armours.